Jaipur: The Pink City

October 19, 2018

What happens when one of your best friends tells you that they are going to a small weekend trip in one beautiful old city and asks if you want to come along? You just go!

Hey guys, I know it's been a long time. Instagram has been keeping me so busy lately, plus work so I don't have enough time to blog these days. But I assure you, when I write something here, its going to be worth your time.

So yeah, one spontaneous afternoon, we decided to book a trip to Jaipur and few weeks later, I drove from Abu Dhabi to Dubai straight after work. Hanged out at an airport hotel, left and walked around the airport feeling like a zombie for the lack of sleep and at 3AM, we flew to Jaipur.

We checked-in, in the beautiful JW Marriott Jaipur resort hotel, where you are welcomed by their very friendly staff (btw, this is not a collab). Although they are extremely attentive, we still had a lovely stay overall. Plus the room is so lovely especially the outdoor area of the room.

Albert Hall Museum 

Let's get cracking! We came really prepared and made a list of interesting places we wanted to see. You won't read much about the history of the places we visited here sorry because if I do, this will become a loooong blogpost, you can go read more in Wikipedia. I'll be sharing instead more about my Jaipur experience. 

We freshened up, changed clothes and at 12:30PM and we were ready to go.

After discussing where we wanted to go with the driver, I started to set my expectations low on how many  places we will be able to visit cause we left a little bit late and the sun will set at 6PM. But I was still optimistic that this day will be amazing and yes, it was!

Going to our first destination felt like a very long drive, although my eyes were met by extremely vibrant pink houses and buildings in the main roads and streets of Jaipur. Aside from that, there were animals walking along the roads like cows, goats and get this camels and elephants! I never thought I would see elephants just casually walking in the roads! 

One more thing I've noticed is how people drive. The rumours are are true, there are indeed a lot of crazy drivers in India, waaaay crazier than the ones in Dubai, and oh they will never stop honking. But that didn't ruin my trip, as long as we are safe, I'm good.

First destination was the Albert Hall Museum. This place is covered with hundreds of pigeons! Apparently, the locals believe that pigeons are symbols of good luck which was also a good sign for us. The locals takes care of the pigeons not just in the outskirts of the museum, but all around Jaipur  and maybe in India entirely as well. Did had a good time chasing the pigeons and we took some really amazing shots in front of the place.

After visiting the Albert Hall Museum, I felt pumped and really ready to take the rest of the day on!

Patrika Gate, Jawahar Circle Garden

Next is the Patrika Gate at the Jawahar Circle Garden. This is the pinnacle I would say of all Jaipur photos you'll see on Instagram.

The colours are amazing, the design and the architecture of the place is outstanding. I spent a good time not only taking photos there but also had a good look on the artistry of this place. What I find most interesting about this place is that its just a gate! Wished we could have gone inside to see more of the garden but we had to head on.

City Palace

Jaipur btw has a lot of old palaces around. The water palace was a breath taking site however we were not able to go in because one, it's in the middle of a lake, two, I believe it has a "not royal no entry" type of policy.

We did go to Jaipur's City Palace were the incredible blue room is. You have to pay 3000 rupees to get in to this place if you are a tourist (AED149/ $40) which comes with refreshments. The place is HUGE! You need half a day to get around this place and learn more about it. We had to be really quick cause we had 3 more places to visit, so as much I wanted to stay (you guys know I love history and old places) we had to go.

Hawa Mahal
Just around the corner of the City Palace is the "Palace of the Winds" or Hawa Mahal. It's located in the middle of what I believe was the city center with hundreds of shops around and cars and people passing by.

Quick tip, there are restaurants and cafes in front of Hawa Mahal were you can take photos in front of the place without being bothered by people passing by.

Panna Meena ka kund

This time we were really on the run. We went straight to Panna Meena for a quick photo detour. This place felt like something you would go on a Uncharted or Tomb Raider adventure. Thing is there are guards in area so unfortunately, you can't go further down.

Nahargarh Fort
Lastly we went to the Nahargarh Fort just before the sun sets. We weren't able to spend so much time in the place as it about to get dark but it looked like India's own version of the Great Wall of China. Wished we could have seen more, but with the little time that we had, we had to go back to the hotel.

We got back in the hotel so tired and we all slept like rocks. Next day, we just packed and hanged out in the hotel and flew back home in the afternoon.

To sum it all up, Jaipur is a wonderful and exciting place to visit! What I loved about Jaipur is that you can visit a ton of places even if it was just a day. Each destination we visited were probably around 15-20 mins away from each other.  Was successful trip for me and I wish I could have seen more. Will I go back? Definitely! Hopefully next time it would be longer.

I cant wait to do more exciting adventures soon! Where do you guys suggest I should go next?

Want to see more of my Jaipur Trip? Watch my #InstaVlog videos now!

Always have fun!

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