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August 11, 2018

So SOOOOO sorry! I've been a very and lousy blogger lately. I was dead silent for 2 months on my blog to focus on other things so now I'm filling you guys in on what happened during the months I was not around in my blog.

First of all, hear me out.

I want to be honest, I just really had no time to blog because of work. 

I'm also currently doing extra stuff during my days off (which I cannot talk about for now and will probably be the last time I'll talk about it on this blog until I'm comfortable to do so) so I took time to focus on it and get used to it.

This also led me to decide to post less now on Instagram so I get to enjoy more down and unplugged time and to lessen the stress of not having any content to post which usually leads to uploading photos I am not so really happy about. I also used to wait until I finish blogging first before I publish new content on Instagram which I also found stressful so this time I've decided to switch it around.

If you follow me on Instagram, you definitely would know what I have been up to lately. But if you want to know more, here's a recap of all the things that kept me busy:

D E S E R T   O B S S E S S I O N

When summer reached UAE I became so obsessed with glamping and anything that involves the desert. Luckily Daniel Wellington was probably like "this guy needs a glamping adventure" so they invited me along with other UAE bloggers to have a full Dubai Platinum Heritage experience riding vintage Land Rovers, overnight camping and the highlight of the trip, riding a hot air balloon!

This is probably one of the most memorable Dubai experience I've had this year and I was so glad I was able to experience it.

On a separate trip, this time we explored the sand dunes in Abu Dhabi. We woke up at 5:30AM and drove to this hidden gem. I never thought that I would be able to see such a majestic natural rock formation hiding in the outskirts of the city.

It wasn't really hard to find and we had a very funny experience that happened right after the shoot. Want to know what happened? Watch it all here.

M A N I L A   A N D   B A N G K O K   A D V E N T U R E

Last month I gave myself a birthday present and went back home to Manila to catch up with my college friends and to spend time with my best friend before she moves to USA.

Along with this trip I brought the newly launched Fujifilm XT100 which became so handy during this trip. It's so lightweight and I did not have a problem transitioning to it because it was so easy to use. Image quality is amazing and I was able to take fantastic shots with it not only during my trip in Manila but also in Bangkok.

Before we head on to my Bangkok trip, I took a short excursion to one of my most favourite places in my home city. Intramurous I believe is one of those underrated places in Manila. This is a place where you can truly experience old Manila. 

A wonderful place to explore which would make you feel like you travelled back in time. Its usually not touristic during weekdays and if there's no protests or church events happening in the area. There are spots there where you can just sit under a tree and have a moment for yourself.

Continuing my dream to travel to different countries as many as I can, this time I went to Bangkok with my best friend. The rumours are true! The food is AMAZING! My first Bangkok trip was not about exploring Bangkok, it was more about eating the food everything my eyes could see.

I drank a lot of Thai milk tea, ate countless sticks of barbecue and other dishes that I didn't even bother to ask the name nor what's in it. I just put everything in my mouth, there was no single dish that I didn't like. I gained 5kg or more worth of happiness during this trip and I don't regret nor feel guilty about it.

Second highlight of my trip was all the shopping that we did. Everything in Bangkok was so cheap! From clothes to flatlay stuff I'll use for work, this city is the real deal in terms of of bargain shopping. We did most of our shopping mainly at the Chatuchak Market.

We did manage to do a little sight seeing at the Grand Palace, but damn it was so hot! We were sweating like pigs because of the heat. Overall though, it was interesting to discover a portion of Thailand's culture as we get to see the design and architecture of the palace and the main temple. Entrance is 500 Thai Baht which is in my opinion quite reasonable as a tourist.

This would definitely be not the first time I would travel in Thailand. There are still more sights to see. I'd probably go back next year but surely in a more mellow and forgiving weather.

Wanna see more of my MNL & BBK Trip? Head over to my IGTV channel and watch them all there!


I'm still generally having a fun time especially with work. A lot of things have changed, and my drive to create more content not just with my own stuff but also for work has grown exponentially.

Oh and my style has changed! I am once again being influenced by South Korean fashion and  now Thailand too because (you've guessed it) of my recent trip. I'm in the current lookout for SK and Thai fashion influences so if you know any male bloggers and influencers in these region do let me know on the comments section below.

Major things that changed? It's not that I'm lazy and I know I said that I will not stop blogging but I would probably be writing mostly if I want to and if I get some free time to do so. I'm majorly focusing all my creative input on Instagram especially now that I'm doing #InstaVlogs on both my stories and IGTV.

I do believe that vertical videos are the next thing and now that I'm more comfortable doing InstaVlogs, I would most likely won't do anymore video content on YouTube.

There you have it, short and sweet. I'm still here! Hope you guys are doing great too and see you on the next blogpost.

Always have fun!

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D E S E R T   O B S E S S I O N

M A N I L A   A N D   B A N G K O K   A D V E N T U R E



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