Middle East Film and Comic Con 2018

April 13, 2018

One afternoon at work, I was sitting on my desk waiting for time to pass by until I received a magical message in my e-mail that really made this year super special.

Shoes and bag: Call it Spring

I've been dreaming of this day to come and be invited in one of the big UAE events that really matters to me. The Middle East Film and Comic Con!

This year, I was chosen to be one of the MEFCC Insiders. I was able meet the big stars, hang out at the insiders lounge and had fun at the exhibitions.

From left: Ezra Miller (the Flash), Karl Urban  and Kristian Narin
The exhibitions were great, my favourite was Netfix's Lost in Space. They gave us "space certificates" and made a replica of one of their sets featuring a huge white room and a conference table.

This year's line up of shops and exhibitors were also massive. A lot of the exhibits were giving free stuff away and some of the shops have really interesting things to buy. I got myself a Howl's Moving Castle art book at the Kinokuniya booth and other stuff from the Warner bros. booth.

One thing I really regret not doing was buying one of those mystery boxes. I  was holing myself back thinking that oh maybe I sleep on it until the next day and when I decided to get one, they were all sold out. Next year hopefully I'll stop second guessing myself and would definitely get one.

The event was really organized, and really I had no complaints. I'm honestly so happy to be a part of the MEFCC Insider's team that until now,  just writing about is still putting a smile on my face.

Wanna see more of my MEFCC experience? Check out my InstaVlog on my Instagram highlights at @locloset! There's more to see and I've slipped in a couple of other clips of what I did during that weekend.

Can't wait for another fun and exciting week! Hope you guys do too! What are your plans? Share them with me on the comments section below.

Always have fun!

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