Chill Day

March 24, 2018

The weather has been so amazing these past few days, can it be like this forever? This was one of those weekends where I just sat in one of my favourite cafes and chill.

Everyone needs to spend alone time especially with introverts like me. Lately I've been so busy going around different places here in UAE, I forgot how important it is to have some alone time. It's funny how sometimes you take small and simple things for granted that when you take yourself away from it, it feels so satisfying to be able to do it again. 

Bag: Herschel
Shoes: New Balance

For today's look, I seriously didn't think it through! haha! Since today is a "chill day", I just literally pulled out the first shirt and trousers I can find in my closet and didn't really care at all. I didn't even bother to fix my hair, which is why I'm wearing a cap today.

I brought a lot of stuff today so I decided to use my Herschel duffel bag to carry all my stuff such as my laptop, chargers, camera, etc. it's very spacious and I'm really loving the color.

Okay... I confess! I did do a couple of work today but it is something I'm really happy and excited to do! I just recently launched a new creative on my Instagram @locloset for my IG stories.

I call it InstaVlogs! They're short videos of random things and adventures I have done and I put them all together to make short films. If you missed my InstaVlog, you can still watch them on my IG Highlights.

Going back, like I said I didn't really think through what I'm going to wear today but I made sure that I'm wearing the recently launched New Balance 574s just to give this look a little dash of style. This series is actually my favourite NB design out of all and I'm glad they have kept the classic look with the rounded tips. What I like about these shoes is that it's grey which can pretty much blend in to any casual outfit.

Do you like spending time alone? What do you do during your "chill time"? Let me know on the comments section below!

Always have fun!

M O R E   P H O T O S   H E R E : 

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