Brunch at Hakkasan Abu Dhabi

March 31, 2018

A Michelin Star Brunch that is truly worthy of it's title. 

📍H A K K A S A N   A B U   D H A B I ,   E M I R A T E S   P A L A C E

Emirates Palace's Hakkasan is one of the 12 locations worldwide that offers a romantic Chinese themed ambiance and interiors and a recently opened terrace with a lovely view of Abu Dhabi's skyline.
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Offering a modern and world-class take in Cantonese cuisine, me along with the other Abu Dhabi based bloggers (with a special guest from UK, shout out to you @thejimmyjammies) had a chance to try its unique and elegant Friday Brunch.
Wagyu Beef Truffle Puff

To be honest I don't do Friday Brunch that much here in UAE and I've only tried a few of them. I'm not really a big eater so I don't usually go to buffets. Although, restaurants that does not offer buffet would usually have an extensive set menu that is just as great as any buffet restaurants here in UAE and one of them is Hakkasan.

The brunch will start you off with a lovely serving of Crab and sweetcorn supreme soup. You can also enjoy Peking duck with pancakes, baby cucumber and spring onions served to you in a live station by one of the chefs.

Peking Duck
Next course of the brunch will give you a plate of Golden Fried Soft Shell Crab and Red Chili that is very crispy and really flavourful. 

Golden Fried Soft Shell Crab and Red Chili

An array of sumptous, exquisite and beautifully presented set of dumplings will be served next. My favorites were: Mushroom Dumpling, Crispy Prawn Dumpling with Foie Gras Sauce and the winner of it all, the Wagyu Beef Truffle Puff! 

Crystal Wagyu Beef Dumpling

Oh gosh! I'm salivating just thinking about it. The Wagyu Beef Truffle Puff has this soft tender puff that is very delicate and beautiful. Once you put it inside your mouth, a burst full of flavours will envelop it and the minced Wagyu beef laced with truffle will slowly melt in you mouth. It's really a delightful and inventive dish which I suggest you go for as your last before the next course come in.

Steamed wild prawn with homemade chili sauce
A set of main courses will be served to you with jasmine rice. Two things to note are the mouth-watering Stir-fry Black Pepper Rib Eye and the Steamed Wild Prawn in Homemade Chili Sauce.

Dessert will be served to you afternoon tea style with decadent desserts that are prefect accompanied with a cup of tea or coffee.

Thank you so much Hakkasan Abu Dhabi for hosting a memorable and delightful brunch. We all enjoyed it so much! The food was great and the service is top notch. Really worthy of a Michelin star!

Buffet Price: AED 314 per persoon inclusive of unlimited non-alcoholic beverages, soft drink and jasmine tea.

From 12PM - 4PM

Always have fun!

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