Discovering 4 Emirates

February 23, 2018

Two weekends, four Emirates. I have become a tourist in the country that I'm living in and I'm so excited to share what I've discovered during my Abu Dhabi - Dubai - Sharjah - Ajman adventure.

A B U   D H A B I

šŸ“J A L B O O T   A B U   D H A B I

From left: Me, @paulieeepocket, @jorellariola, @thestylechoreo, @jamesfeednow, @joanfarillon
I went for another Jalboot ride this time with the Abu Dhabi squad. 

I'm happy that they have added the Venetian Village in their new route. I've heard and read really good things about this place a few times but never really thought of going despite how near it is. It's a lovely, small Italian themed place with upscale restaurants and cafes located near Ritz Carlton. I'm super excited to go back and shoot

The best thing about this day was we get to hang out together and we had an amazing time time discovering Abu Dhabi in a different perspective thanks to Jaboot. Book your Jalboot trip now through their website:

From left: @joanfarillon@paulieeepocket, me, @snapwithlloyd@jamesfeednow@thestylechoreo@krisondmove
šŸ“H A K K A S A N   A B U   D H A B I

Look at these good looking people! We had a lovely cocktail event at Hakkasan Abu Dhabi to highlight their recently opened terrace and celebrate Chinese New Year.

We had a few taste of the food in their menu along with fantastic drinks. I can't wait to go back and try their brunch soon!

For me though, the highlight of the night aside from the beautiful terrace is writing down my wishes for this year on a red paper and hanging it on their trees which is also part of the Chinese New Year tradition. Thank you Hakkasan for this really small but memorable experience and for the lovely cocktail night!

Photos by Hyku Desesto and Soul Trap Studio

S H A R J A H - A J M A N

šŸ“S H A R J A H   A R T   D I S T R I C T   &   F A I R M O N T   A J M A N

This is so far my favourite UAE adventure this year! Club Apparel, Herschel and Nautica have joined forces to tour us around Sharjah and Ajman. 

I love discovering old places and architecture and when we went to the Sharjah art district, I was blown away! It's way better than Dubai's Spice and Gold Souk and Al Fahidi Fort in my honest opinion because, though they're both almost similar there are not a lot of people going around so you are free to take lots of photos while going around the area and truly having a moment to appreciate the culture and history of Sharjah.

Travelling is not complete without comfy set of clothes and a great bag to bring during your trip. I loved  wearing the shirt I got Nautica with these cute flag prints that really fits my style adding in the shorts for a cool and fun combo. I opted for a smaller Herschel bag that can fit all my travel essentials, perfect for an excursion.

We ended the day visiting Fairmont Ajman, a beautiful hotel with a fantastic beachfront. Hopefully when summer comes we'd be able to go back and enjoy more of this beautiful hotel.

Do check out the photos below to see more of our Fairmont - Ajman trip.


šŸ“G L A Z E D - M I A M I   V I B E S

Speaking of Summer. You'll know when the season is about to change, huge pink pineapples will start to pop up! Lol! Dubai Food Fest has officially started which only means that new food creations and amazing food trucks will all come together in one place and one of those is Miami Vibes.

If you're the type of person who likes something sweet and salty, look no further and go to Glazed! UAE's own bustaurant. You will definitely enjoy the sinful yet delectable and mouthwatering doughnut burgers they offer in their menu.

Miami Vibes and Glazed are currently residing at City Walk Dubai at the Green Planet Parking. They will be the until the 25th of March and is open from Sunday to Wednesday at 12PM - 11PM and Thursday to Saturday at 12PM to 12AM.

In another fun and positive news.

I was already, truly satisfied being a part of this prestigious list last year and to be gracing its pages again, I am at awe.
Salamat po @illustradomagazine for making me a part of this year’s Illustrado Magazine 100 most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf.

I promise to continue spreading creative content, happiness, positivity and hopefully still keep you proud of the work that I do.

Congratulations to all the inspiring Filipinos that are part of the 100 and a big shout out to my fellow no. 97 the funny and bubbly @joycaasi, the dapper-man @thestylechoreo - following the other page are feed goals book-grammer @lookingforabura and flatlay master @thatguynamedpatrick 

Stay positive and remember that if you're a person with a big following on social media or in your community who has a platform to inspire people or who aspire to be one, use your influence to spread empowering and uplifting messages, create meaningful friendships and always inspire people to do good.

Always have fun!

M O R E   P H O T O S   H E R E :

šŸ“J A L B O O T   A B U   D H A B I

 šŸ“H A K K A S A N   A B U   D H A B I

šŸ“S H A R J A H   A R T   D I S T R I C T   &   F A I R M O N T   A J M A N

šŸ“G L A Z E D   -   M I A M I   B E A C H   V I B E S

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