Last Weekend of the Year + Ramen Adventure at Wokyo

January 01, 2018

Excuse me if I could not find a creative title for this blogpost. lol! I've been so busy and I really just want to squeeze this in as my New Year's Day post.

Shoyu Udon Soup

📍 W O K Y O   N O O D L E   B A R ,   J L T

I have been waiting for a restaurant that specializes in Ramen to open in UAE for so long and finally here it is!

Wokyo is a "Noodle Bar" located in Jumeirah Lake Towers. It opened just in the right season cause now is the perfect time to sip a hearty and warm delicious bowl of ramen. The design of the place is really quaint and was meant to look like a traditional Ramen restaurant.

Our favourites are the Chicken Panko and Ebi Mayo for the sides, both perfectly cooked and crispy.

For our noodle bowl we had the Shoyu Udon Soup (I got the chicken and Kris had the salmon) as our main dish. I wanted a traditional Ramen to be honest but when I read that its Udon noodles I immediately switched to it. All the ingredients were great and I loved the smoky flavour of the chicken that was added in my bowl.

Matcha Aisu Kurimu 
For dessert, I had the Matcha Aisu Kurimu. Don't hate me, but matcha is not really one of my favourite ice cream flavours. This one though was good! It had the right amount of sweetness and tea flavour.

Thai Milk Tea

They also have a variety of beverages, the one we really liked was the Thai Milk Tea. My friends also mentioned to try the lotus chips and fried rice on my next visit.

If you have already visited Wokyo and have tasted all the food in their menu, I'll give you a little secret: They will eventually have seasonal and limited edition Ramen so make sure you check up on them time to time. Prices of the food in the menu is very reasonable so really if you like ramen and Japanese food, you're in for a treat.

Hoodie: Forever 21

For today's look I wore this cool hoodie I got from Forever 21. I was difficult for me before to find nice clothes at F21, but this season they have a lot of great choices. I bought another jacket I'm really excited about. Wore a plain white sweater to keep me warmer, a nice trousers and cute sneakers.

After Wokyo we went straight to Rise DCH, for coffee. Still one my favourite places in Dubai.

2017 was a good year. I did had a couple of bumps but I still managed to stand up and dust myself off with conviction and poise.

The biggest highlight of this year was my trip alone in Bali. It was one of those moments in my life I would not forget and I was so happy that I was able to experience it. I've also met a lot of amazing people this year that I now consider as really close friends. 

I'm really thankful and happy that I am able to still keep on doing what I love (It's been 5 fruitful years now that I have been blogging) and that I still wake up everyday enjoying every single moment of it.

For 2018 I look forward on travelling more, working out more and hopefully working with a ton of fun collaborations. I wish you all a fantastic and memorable 2018 and may we all find happiness, love and success along the way.

Always have fun!

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