Fun Day at the Jalboot Water Park

January 06, 2018

So you've been to the Louvre Abu Dhabi a few times and thinking if only there's a place where you can enjoy the view of the museum that's not too far away while doing something fun. Well my friends the Jalboot Water Park at The Dock certainly put the cherry on top!

📍 J A L B O O T   W A T E R   P A R K ,   T H E   D O C K

Exactly a year ago I did a collaboration with Jalboot. I was so excited when I received a message that they have new activities near the Louvre Abu Dhabi. I got so curious so of course I said yes!

Jalboot Water Park is located at The Dock Cultural District where you can enjoy the breathtaking views of not just the Louvre Abu Dhabi but also the city. They offer fun water activities such as the Jalboot Donut Boats, Paddleboat and even Kayaking.

It is open from 3PM to 10PM and prices will vary depending on what type of ride you are interested in. The weather is amazing and I'm sure you and your family would really enjoy it. This is also a perfect idea for a romantic date with someone especially if you time it right. The sunset is really beautiful and I suggest you wait until it gets dark as Louvre Abu Dhabi light up like a lantern at night.

After your enjoying your ride, I suggest you stay in a bit more for a cup of coffee or dine at The Dock as there are food trucks and a pop up cafe in the area. All of this just a few minutes walk away from the museum.

Coat: Forever 21
Shoes: Nike

Today's look I am wearing an bright orange coat (F21), layered with a nice comfy sweater. A plain dark ankle trousers for the bottom and a cooL pair of shoes (Nike) I have always been wanting to wear but couldn't find the perfect outfit for it until today.

This look is loosely based on Gorgie's Denbrough's look in the movie It (which explains the balloons hahaha!). I was watching It on New Year's Day and I really got drawn on Gorgie's coat on how it popped up beautifully on the greys during his scenes. I believe his colors represents his innocence and joy and I wanted to convey that with this look but instead of yellow I chose orange to make this look somehow look a bit mature yet still keep the childlike feel to it.

It's only the first weekend of the year and I'm already too busy! Wish you guys have a more relaxing and happy weekend or maybe go out and enjoy today's weather. 😆

Always have fun!

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