Another Day, Another Adventure

January 27, 2018

It's another fun weekend, which only means another adventure must begin!

📍 A L   S E E F   V I L L A G E

Last weekend I invited my friends to go to Al Seef Village. They were a little skeptic 'cause they have not heard about this place despite them living in Dubai. But I was able to convince them, they don't have a choice anyway 'cause I'm the one driving. lol!

I think they did not expect that they would like it. I'm currently obsessed on location scouting and I plan carefully where to go. When we reached the place, we absolutely enjoyed it. Personally, I think I love Al Seef better than La Mer both developed by Meraas.

Shirt: Pull & Bear
Pins: Iconic
Tote Bag: YesStyle
Shoes: New Balance @ Athlete's Co

I'm wore a dark blue themed outfit starting with a button down shirt (Pull & Bear) and a white striped shirt underneath. I wanted to add details on this look so I went around the mall to buy some cool patches to sew in this shirt. I was really pleased to find cute ones in Iconic and what I love about these is that they're pins so you don't have to sew them on your clothes which I actually prefer cause if you don't like the placement of it, you can just unpin and place it somewhere else or even replace them with a different one.

I wore a nice pair of ankle length trousers and brought in a tote bag (YesStyle) with me. My favourite about this looks is definitely the shoes.

These New Balance 247's are really light and a great pair of shoes if you plan to do a long walk. They're very comfortable and I like the design and colors. Looks very modern and stylish.

Get the latest New Balance shoes in any Athlete's Co stores across UAE! They offer a wide collection of different brands and bags. Plenty of options to choose from and if you're a sneakerhead like me, you'll definitely have to visit.

I hope you guys enjoy your weekend! Either you go out and have fun or binge watch an entire season of your favuorite TV show, both I support.

Always have fun!

M O R E   P H O T O S   H E R E :

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