My Holiday Gift Guide

December 13, 2017

Running late on your holiday shopping? Let me share with you my Holiday Gift Guide to give you ideas on what to give to that special guy in your life. 😊

1.   W O O D S T O C K   Z A M B O N

Does he have a whimsical taste and always on the lookout for unique and timeless pieces? Woodstock Zambon is the one that you are looking for.

Any of their watches will surely put a smile on his face as they offer a great selection of designs suited to that creative guy in your life. My favourite is the Constellation Watch cause I am currently obsessing and reading a lot about the stars and galaxies.

There are other fun designs such as the Vintage Balloon, maps, ones with lovely travel quotes and funny ones like "Who cares I'm late anyways." 

Order online  now at:  

2.   C A L L   I T   S P R I N G

Call it Spring once again sent me these special gifts to wear for the holidays. 

What I love about Call it Spring is that they have a lot of fine selection of shoes at an affordable price meaning during the holidays why just give your man one pair of shoes? He deserves another one and maybe a bag to go with it too!

No seriously, buying two pairs will not go over AED500 so it's really a good deal than buying a pair of designer or sports shoes that are more than AED700. Plus again, they're really stylish and the quality is great too.

Visit and choose your favourite pair.

3.   C A B I N   Z E R O

Is he the type of person who loves to travel bringing his camera, gadgets, laptop etc? Cabin Zero is the perfect bag to bring along during his travels.

All of their bags are very spacious and has enough space for all his travel essentials. The bags are designed for backpackers who likes travelling light featuring zippers that actually lock and offers a lot of fun colors, designs and different sizes specific to his travel needs.

I have a special treat  for you! Get 10% off your entire order online by using the code CZLOSCLOSET. Visit now!

Make sure you visit my blog again this weekend to discover where I went travelling together with my Cabin Zero bag.

4.   L O U V R E   A B U   D H A B I   A R T   C L U B

I really fell in love with the Louvre Abu Dhabi museum! There's still so many things to discover and I'm so excited to see the future artworks they are going to feature that's why along with 5 friends, we decided to became a part of their art club!

If he's the artsy type, this gift will surely be perfect for him (and yours too!).  The unlimited yearly access for two is at AED450, but if you want to share with friends you can get the +5 package at AED1500.

As an Art Club member, you'll get a lot of benefits such as collecting the mini iPods from inside the museum, priority reservations, a dedicated space for Art Club members, exclusive events and even access to all partner museums in France!

Learn more here:

5.   A S S O R T E D   C A N D I E S

Okay, so this is more of a giveaway and directed to everyone rather than a gift to one person. Every Christmas it has always been my tradition to give small treats to all my friends and workmates that I'm super close with. 

Giving even just a small bag of treats I believe, would make them feel that you're really thinking about them and they're special to you.

Hope you guys like my short Holiday Gift Guide! Do you have other gift suggestions for the holidays? Share them all that the comments section below.

Always have fun!

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