La Dolce Vita at Filini Garden

December 09, 2017

There are a lot of beautiful restaurants here in Abu Dhabi and if I was asked where to go on a romantic date, first thing will come to my mind is Filini Garden.

📍 F I L I N I   G A R D E N ,   R A D I S S O N   B L U

Filini Garden is a newly opened Italian Restaurant and Lounge at Radisson Blu. The restaurant interior is quite beautiful and very romantic, but the real winner here in terms of design is the Al Fresco area.

The restaurant promises a beautiful and stunning view of the Abu Dhabi sunset which sadly we weren't able to experience because today of all days, Abu Dhabi suddenly decided that it will pour rain upon us on a beautiful Friday afternoon (if this weather was manipulated, why of all days should it be a Friday?).

Suit: Zara
Shoes and Bag: Call it Spring

Today, I felt like its time to dress up and pull out my favourite turtle neck and a white checkered suit (Zara) that I have been itching to wear for the longest time. I've had this suit since June and I had been dreaming to wear it in a perfect place and time and finally here it is.

This look is inspired by the classic James Bond movies with a dash of Casablanca and La Dolce Vita romance, all I've recently watched. I kinda also played with my hair today and brushed it on the other side which in my opinion, slightly made me look a little bit more mature.

This look is complemented by a lovely pair of leather loafers and a satchel bag both from Call it Spring. Also added thin suspenders for the final touch.

Okay, now let's talk about the food. First of all, I'm no Italian food expert. You guys should probably know by now that I love Asian food but it's also good to try other dishes from other countries time to time. I do however love Italian food. Aside from of course pizza, I enjoy eating eggplant rollatini and I could make a decent, classic and simple spaghetti aglio e olio. But that's about how far I know Italian food, not counting all the other classic Italian pasta dishes.

For appetizers we ordered the Picked Crab Crostini which is surprisingly the best dish we've had in this meal. It is composed of a toasted bread lathered with a generous amount of crab meat and arugula. The sauce underneath is quite flavourful, I didn't even tried to pay attention what it was and just chewed and swallowed everything down to my satisfaction. 

Picked Crab Crostini
Our second favourite was the Veal Chop Milanese which caught us by surprise. We were expecting a nice tender serving of steak but what came to our table was a perfectly cooked meat coated in breading and if I'm right, fried in butter. When we had our first bit we thought it was chicken, the meat was tender and not chewy. At first we thought, where is the sauce? But as we savoured each bite we pleasantly realised it didn't have to have any, it is perfect as it is.

Veal Chop Milanese
We also had the Filini Fontina Pizza and Tagliolini Lobster that were also quite good but both were something I have similarly tasted in other restaurants here in UAE.

The desserts were good too! If you're not a big sweet tooth and you like coffee a lot, you'll surely appreciate the Tiramisu and Affogato Espresso. Both are not too sweet yet really delectable.

There's a lot more choices on the menu. I'm not being bias but seriously the food prices are quite reasonable and much better than other restaurants in the city like the previous one we recently visited. It's really worth the trip.

Overall, Filini Garden is surely one of the best date night places you and your partner should go to. Great place for close friends too.

Christmas is almost here you guys! If you're running out of ideas to give to that special man in your life, make sure you passby next weekend for my Men's Holiday Gift Guide. I have something very special prepared and I'm super excited about it.

Have a lovely weekend!

Always have fun!

M O R E   P H O T O S   H E R E:

Tagliolini Lobster

Filini Fontina Pizza

Affogato Espresso

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