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December 01, 2017

We we're in the 90's now we go further to the 80's!
Glad Im back in doing short blog style journals. So far I'm having relaxed happy weekends and my blog routine is back where it was before.

📍 U Turn Abu Dhabi

It seems like my retro vibe is not over yet, I'm still into throwbacks and when I saw this place while I was driving home I made sure I was gonna come back there during the weekends.

I wore a retro yellow bomber jacket with a yellow shirt underneath, a nice pair of trousers, pair of fun socks and shoes. Completed the look with a nice leather strap watch and retro aviator sunglasses. I had so much fun putting this look together, I kinda look a character from the Back to The Future movie. 

Going back to the place, it has a fun and interesting interiors which takes you back in a diner that looks like it was in the 60's-80's. Sadly though, the food was very underwhelming and somewhat flavourless considering they charge their burgers at AED60 minimum, it really doesn't go well, would have been happy to pay the meal if the food was that great.

They need to make improvements on their food and reconsider their price range. Hopefully the will get better soon. Would not take a friend to dine there however. Place for me is only a place for a fun shoot, just order milkshakes and desserts if you wanna go and shoot there. The staff were extremely nice though.

📍 Snooze Abu Dhabi

After lunch, we went straight to a new coffee hub in Abu Dhabi. Did a couple of Woelfel-esqe type of photography.

Loving the small doughnut together with the coffee and I like the design aesthetic of the place. Nobody knows the place that much at the moment. Its a cool hang out place and coffee is super good.

It's a long weekend! I cant wait to do absolutely nothing this week. :)

What are your plans?

Always have fun!

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