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December 15, 2017

Enjoyed reading my Holiday Gift Guide? Saw that photo of me holding a camera with a my Cabin Zero backpack and wondering where did I take that photo? Well then read more to this discover this Abu Dhabi gem!

📍 S H E I K H   K H A L I F A   F E S T I V A L ,   A L   W A T H B A
Sweater: Pull & Bear
Bag: Cabin Zero

Last weekend we went to one of my favourite Abu Dhabi events, the Sheikh Khalifa Festival.

This festival is held in honor of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahayan's legacy. It features a journey of different rich cultures and performances around the world and an immersive showcase of UAE's traditions, handicrafts and food.

There are different activities and exhibitions around the festival and so many things to see. Each group of buildings represents a continent or a country sharing with you pieces of their work and a glimpse of their folklore.

My favourite part of the festival though is a traditional funfare. At the moment if you've noticed, I love doing a lot of throwbacks because nostalgia for me is extremely important. The funfare reminds me of my childhood spending hours strolling around a "perya" (a Tagalog term for funfare) until the late nights.

I wanted to of course blend in so I wore this cute sweater (Pull & Bear).  It wasn't on sale when I got it but it falls in the colours that I love so I got it immediately. Wore a plain black jogger and a cute pair of sneakers. This is a cute and comfy outfit which is now really great for this season's weather. Everyday is getting colder and colder so its about time now to layer and wear more thick clothing

Since we are going to a long afternoon shooting bringing along a couple of camera gadgets, it was a great idea to use my Cabin Zero bag to store in all our stuff. This bag is so spacious! We brought two DSLR with huge lenses and they both fit in perfectly and had even space for more. It's really a great travel bag and I can imagine just how many things I can fit in there. Is this maybe the time to do a little backpacking adventure?

Want to have your own? In partnership with Cabin Zero, we are giving away 10% off your entire order online. Simply using the code CZLOSCLOSET to avail the discount. 

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If you live in Abu Dhabi and you want to learn more about UAE's culture, make sure you do visit the Sheikh Zayed Festival. It is open from 4PM to 12PM. You still have a lot of time! The festival will end on January 27, 2018.

You guys have a wonderful weekend!

Always have fun!

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Here's a rare lol photo of me 😂

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