What rest? In weekends we go!

November 18, 2017

I'm well known as an introvert, but since its the events season I'm in that mode on weekends where I ask "What's rest?"

Here are the fun things I did for the past few weeks!

F A S H I O N   F O R W A R D   W E E K   D U B A I
📍 Dubai Design District

FFWD is back this year to feature more amazing new talents, fashion and new trends! This is actually my first time going to FFWD and I wans't really planning on going, but my friends at Illustrado Magazine asked me go and do an #Instastory takeover so of course I said yes!

I met a lot of amazing people and creatives and even got up close and personal with a few upcoming young and talented designers.

The main event of my day was watching the Atelier Zuhra fashion show, showcasing a massive collection of beautiful Haute Couture gowns. All were so elegant and jaw dropping that the show deserves a slow clap and standing ovation.

D E S S E R T   M A S H - U P S   A T   S W I T C H
📍 Switch Abu Dhabi

Switch has recently launched 2 new desserts that will make your mouth drool! The Oreo Mug and the Pistachio Pancone.

Both are really, REALLY GOOD and so Instagrammable! If you're in Abu Dhabi and looking for a place to dine-in this weekend, go to Switch at Marsa al Bateen. There's outdoor seating, I suggest you go there before sunset where the view is stunning. Weather is great so I'm sure you'll enjoy it accompanied by good food and 2 fantastic desserts.

L O U V R E   A B U   D H A B I   P R E - O P E N I N G
📍 Louvre Abu Dhabi

My five years in waiting is now finally over! The Louvre Abu Dhabi officially opened last November 11, 2017 and I was lucky enough to be one of the few to see the place before it opened.

As expected the architecture is really stunning and well thought of. The gallery is HUGE! I loved the art collection they showcased. Im not a big art guru but I know a few works and names of artists I really love and being in front of a Van Gogh and Pollock paintings for the first time was so monumental for me.

I won't go much into details of what I've seen in the place because honestly it would need a long separate blogpost to share you my experience and I intend to go back there again soon (I'm thinking of becoming a yearly member).

Tickets are sold for only AED60 which is super cheap! I suggest you go buy online though to avoid the queue especially since the place is now a hot item. Try to go on a weekday and go earlier cause the lighting on the ceiling changes depending on where the sun is positioned. 

There's a lot of secret places at Louvre Abu Dhabi. Won't share where the above photo is so you are urged to go around and explore. Yearly membership is also offered. Visit www.louvreabudhabi.ae to learn more.

T A S T E   O F   A B U   D H A B I
📍 Du Arena

My favourite Abu Dhabi foodfest is back! This time, I went with my blogger friends: @krisonthemove, @jamesfeednow, @paulieepocket and @snapwithlloyd who are now starting to be my Abu Dhabi bloggers fam.

It was a relaxing day full of good food, music and great company and laughter.

Can't wait for next year and see what they come up with! To be honest though, I still love last year's TOAD cause the venue was huge, there were less people and more food choices but this year was also good especially because of the people I was with.

W A L K   O N   2 0 1 7
📍 Yas Marina Circut

This is my 2nd year at the Walk On Abu Dhabi event where thousands of Abu Dhabi and other UAE residents join in support on the fight against Diabetes.

This has become a yearly tradition for me I would say. I went back with my workmates at Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi. The event is a fun 5k walkathon, I wish though they did the same things they did last year where there are circus acts in every kilometer you finish. 

Really had an amazing time these past few weekends guys! But seriously, I need a rest lol! My introvert side is starting to haunt me. Not complaining though, I love going outdoors especially when the weather is this great!

What are your plans this weekend? Share your thoughts on the comment section below! Hope you also have a great and memorable time. 😊

Always have fun!

M O R E   P H O T O S   H E R E:


S W I T C H   M A S H U P S

L O U V R E   A B U   D H A B I

T A S T E   O F   A B U   D H A B I

W A L K   O N

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