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November 25, 2017

If you were born between 1985-1995, don't you just miss being a 90's kid?

I sure do! I had such an amazing childhood during the 90's actually going outside meeting up with the kids in our neighbourhood and and playing fun games until the sun sets, like the Strange Things kids does (side note: ST2 was amazing!!! Can't wait for Season 3!)

📍 Dubai Design District

Shirt and Jeans: Pull & Bear
Shoes: Call it Spring

Last weekend we went to D3 to experience the Dubai Design Week. It was my first time so wasn't really expecting anything, sadly though I was mildly disappointed. They had huge interactive art installations but most of them were already gone since it was the last day.

This balloon installation really unleashed the kid in me, if only I wasn't a 5'11 guy with manly shoulders, chest and arms I would have jumped and ran all around! lol

There were still a lot of open galleries that are nice and a bazaar which in my opinion felt out of place and should have not been there. The focus of being there was to appreciate modern art and not to shop for overpriced "artisanal" items. Can you imagine buying a painting with the same dimensions of a hard drive that costs AED200? I got cooler art pieces in Bali for less than AED30!

I do like all the modern art exhibits though, especially the graphic posters. All look like they were made for a book cover of a best-seller and the presentation in a concrete industrial gallery really brings out all the colors combined with the natural lighting.

Now let's go to what I wore that day. I was feeling nostalgic and I have been seeing that regular fit jeans are going back in style. I paired up a plain white shirt (Pull & Bear) with a cute Mikey Mouse print and a basic regular jeans (Pull & Bear) which btw I forgot how comfortable and free moving they were! Finished the look with a nice bag and plain white shoes.

90's throwback is so in for me recently that I've even list down a few things I miss during those days. Most were to be honest a struggle but it was fun!:
  • Actually listening to the radio programs with less DJ *blah* *blah* and waiting to record your favorite songs.
  • Rotary phone and payphones
  • Playstation 1 RPG games
  • Receiving mail from a postman
  • Less traffic and less stressful commute
  • Playing games with your friends
  • ALL the 90's toys you can actually play with
  • Renting a VHS tape and watching the same move for the nth time with your friends
  • Going to a park
  • Going to a video game arcade 
  • Clean water from the tap you can drink that doesn't taste weird
  • ALL the 90's cartoons
  • ALL the 90's candies and snacks that made me chubby! lol
  • TV programs that were really educational, not the nonsense overly dramatic TV shows that are only in for the ratings
A bit sad that I don't see the kids these days enjoying each other's company. Most of them (and sadly even me) are so glued on their phones and iPads.

Arrg! The list will only go on and on! haha! What are the things you most miss during the 90's? Share your thoughts on the comments section below!

Always have fun!

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