5 Summer to Fall Outfits

October 21, 2017

We are about to transition to a short Fall, but I can still feel the Summer Breeze! October has been so busy since I came back from vacation. I've been trying so hard to make time and write short individual blog posts about these outfits but I did not have enough time and I've already accumulated enough photos to make a list so, here you go! Here are some my favorite looks to help you prep up for the incoming season.

L O O K   # 1 :   T H E   A F R I C A N   B O H O

📍 Umm al Emarat Park, The Shade House

This is by far my most favorite Summer outfit of this year! I saw this lying around in one of the closets at home and since this year, elaborate and colorful prints are in, I decided to wear this. 

I'll be honest, at first I didn't know what it was or where it came from. My Nigerian friend told me that it's normally worn by Nigerian and some other places in Africa. Of course I asked if it was okay to wear it and I'm glad that he said it was okay (I was so worried I was gonna get into trouble lol). 

Meet my Abu Dhabi Blogger fam! From left: @joanfarillon@paulieeepocket@jamesfeednow@krisondmove,
But seriously, who would't want to wear that? It's so in line with this season and its seriously very comfortable! I'm in to oversized shirts lately and this one was a great find! I paired it with a white trousers and my favorite loafers.

L O O K   # 2:   I ' M   A L L   T H A T   &   D I M   S U M

📍 Mr Miyagi's Dubai

Before I left to visit Bali, me and my friends decided to have lunch 'cause I'm not the only one leaving for vacation. We decided to eat at Mr. Miyagi's, a newly opened Asian restaurant in Media One Hotel Dubai.

Since the theme was Asian, of course I wore something that will go with it! I'm wearing a cool Yukata cardigan. Man, this thing is so comfortable! Its like I'm wrapped with a soft blanket and its really good, I would say if it's paired with a plain tank. I also put on a pair of jeans and gladiators.

Short review: The food was okay with decent pricing and serving to share. What really made me like this place is the accuracy of all the Asian elements. Small details such as mangas, the racks of bottled sodas, umbrellas, they even have a tuk tuk that actually horns! I really felt at home tbqh. Definitely a lovely place if you want to have a good Asian meal with a nice atmosphere.

L O O K   # 3:  U R B A N   B O Y

📍 Khalifa Park
⌚ Watch: D1 Milano

This year I was given a chance to start over and so I wanted to try something new. I'm trying to veer away from my usual boy-next-door, preppy and dandy looks to a more urban and street style looks.

I love the design of this jacket! The denim is ripped on the elbows and the design at the back is really cool. I wore it with a fun cap, plain white shirt with a few colored stripes, a pair of dark blue chinos and sneakers.

I'm actually quite excited to try new things and show them to you. I'm really liking this urban boy look and I'm planning to do more in the future.

L O O K   # 4: I N   T H E   M O O D   F O R   L O V E
📍 Hakkasan Dubai
👞 Shoes: Call it Spring

We had a nice Bruch at Hakkasan Dubai located at Jumerah Etihad Towers. The place is lovely and brunch was good. I have nothing much to say about the food however cause I've only tried a few of their dishes. I do believe though that there are other better dishes in their al la carte menu than the one served in the brunch set menu. Hopefully we get to come back and try them soon!

Although I did say I'm trying to veer away from preppy-dandy looks, I wouldn't mind jazzing it up time to time. Besides its a really lovely and fancy restaurant not to dress up to.

I wore a nice wool blazer with a dark shirt underneath and a slim checkered trousers. But seriously, my favorite in this entire outfit is my Call it Spring brogue shoes. I love the design and color which goes well with the outfit. And if you look closer, there's camo print in the inner layer of the shoes which is a really a cool touch.

L O O K   # 5: G E T T I N G   I N T O   F A L L
📍 Al Serkal Avenue
🛍 Long Sleeved Shirt: Pull & Bear
🛍 Shorts: H&M
👞 Shoes & Bag: Call it Spring

I'm embracing fall colours on this look. I wanted to be a little bit monochromatic with a small pop of color. I honesty wanted to shoot where there were trees and more greens but I figured that I would blend in too much you, wont see the entire look. lol!

The weather was quite windy so I decided to (finally!) layer up. I chose to stick with green tones and wore a nice long sleeved shirt (Pull & Bear) blended with a darker tone with the shirt underneath. Its windy but it doesnt mean that is cool enough to entirely cover up so wore shorts (H&M). The loafers and bag are of course from Call it Spring

The loafers were comfortable and I love that it also went so well with the entire outfit. The bag was also a great addition! I love that it has a lot of pockets that would fit my camera and other gadgets in and it even has its own laptop compartment.

Check out this cool short stop-motion video I did for my #Unwarpping Instastory featuring all the Call It Spring on this blogpost:

Hope I somehow inspired you style-wise on all these looks especially if you're living in a country where you don't know if it's going to be warm or cool before you leave the house. lol! I had fun making this list which is btw a first in Lo's Closet.

Been super hectic and finally I get some time to rest. I'll burry myself under my comfortable blanket and do nothing the whole day. Wish you do something fun and awesome though! 😄

Always have fun!

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