Weekend Luxe

August 05, 2017

This weekend, we celebrated my little brother's birthday at Bab Al Qasr. It was a family affair so I didn't really want to do any my blogging stuff while I'm with them but its such a beautiful place to not take photos of!

Brief and quick take on the hotel's lobby. Its such an enormous, high ceiling area! The walls are white with traditional Arabic architectural elements and definitely a good place to take photos of. I did not take shots of the room and other hotel facilities unfortunately because again, this was a weekend to spend with family.

Shirt and Sandals: Zara

I know, i know! I'm wearing another striped shirt! lol

The thing is, this is only the season where we have a lot fun striped designs so of course I would pick all that I can get especially if its on sale (reduced price to AED45 in Zara). Plus I'm preparing for my first ever out of the country trip alone so I'm trying to get as many interesting clothes to bring with me.

I wanted to look relaxed while still looking clean and chic so i paired this cute shirt with white trousers and a pair of leather sandals (Zara). I actually can't remember the last time I wore leather sandals. I do recall telling myself before that it never works for me not that it doesn't look good on me, but cause I always break them! But yeah, it was also on sale and I wanted to bring light and easy clothes for my trip including footwear so I got these.

One more thing I like about striped shirt is that they make me look tall in photos. I'm 5'11" but most of the time whenever I meet people who follows me or fellow bloggers for the first time, usually the first thing the will say to me is "Oh, I didn't realize you were that tall! You look short in photos." 

I used to think that was weird but now its actually kinda fun seeing people's reaction when they see me in person. Plus, yes I have been rigorously working out for the past few months and I'm finally seeing results so aside from making me look longer these kind of shirts also make me look more toned I would say.

That's it for this weekend's blog! Very short and sweet. How is your weekend so far? 

Wish you have a great day ahead and see you on the next blogpost!

Always have fun!

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