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August 20, 2017

It's always fun when our friends come over to Abu Dhabi!
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Last weekend, our awesome and very good friends @alweevillarosa@lealrimorin and
@tessathehippie visited me and @krisondmove all the way from Dubai for a fun Friday adventure.

We went to what we call for now our "secret cafe" here in Abu Dhabi. Even if I want to tell you guys more about it, sadly I promised my friends not to say anything. But what I can say is that if you ever bump in to this place you'll definitely love it as much as we do!

This place reminds me so much of XVA Art Cafe in Dubai. Its super artsy and very Instagrammable. It's really a good place to hang out with friends. Food and coffee are good too with reasonable prices.

Coffee, good food and long and fun conversations with your best friends? Sign me in! Kris and I have been living in UAE a couple years now (me almost 6 and her 3 I think) and this was the year where we actually decided to go out and meet other people. 

We are not snobs, its just that we are both extremely shy people (at first lol). But when we started to do Intameets and met other creative people like us, that all changed. Been half a year since we've met Alwee, Tessa and Leal and its always a fun ride whenever we hang out with them. I feel like I've known them for a long time now and we already have wonderful memories with them.

Since I was the designated photographer during that day, I decided to dress down and wear the most comfy clothes I could grab my hands with. I also feeling kinda plain so I decided to just wear a striped shirt, trousers and trainers.

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Next day was a little bit more different. This time we met our Instameet friends and finally able to meet other Abu Dhabi bloggers thanks to Salt's Cocktail Softie Party!

From left: @jiiiules@timmes@krisondmove@thestylechoreo@tinferraren@jamesfeednow
Salt just launched their Cafeteria inspired, ABOOD + ASEER 7ELU softie. This flavor is a mix of different refreshing tropical fruits everyone here in UAE will surely love. 

The day will of course not be complete without our Salt favorites!

Shirt: Zara

Since we are talking tropical, I'm wearing a grey printed shirt with a plain white tank underneath. Wore a pair of trousers and sneakers. Even though the weather is kinda starting to be a little bit cooler, buttoned shirts are still the best way to go. Hopefully we get back to sweater weather really soon!

Did you also have a fun weekend with your friends? Do tell how you would like to spend a weekend with your friends on the comment section below.

Always have fun!

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