Café Prince

August 25, 2017

Yes, I admit. I have an obsession with coffee.

I also still have obsession with this "Secret Art Cafe" me and my friends recently visited so its only obvious that we came back again for a short afternoon coffee fix.

Shirt: GANT

GANT once again sent me some of their new items and I am extremely loving it! Their classic design is really timeless in addition to the comfort, variety of colors and versatility of their clothes. It's really a great brand to have space in your closet. Check their latest collection here.

Quick advice, if you're looking for both comfort and style especially if you're the type of guy who moves around a lot, GANT's Tech Prep shirts are the way to go! Read here to know why.

Trousers: Zara

I'm always going to say this, you could never go wrong with a white shirt. But I wanted this look to be a little bit more brave so I went for an all white look. 

I recently purchased a white suit for an event I attended last month and thought that I made a mistake buying it because I could only use it one time (good thing it was on sale). I realized though that the trousers are a great fit for plain shirts and so it wasn't really a bad decision at all. It actually looked really nice and clean with the GANT shirt and the shoes.

Shoes: Call it Spring

Now speaking of shoes, I have a new favorite brand added in my list! Now I know I've bought a couple of Call it Spring shoes before but this season they have really stepped up their game! Brining in their Back to School collection, Call it Spring's new shoes are very young, fun and hip. They have designs everyone can easily style with from preppy to sporty, the variety of choices are great.

I'm so glad that wearing trousers with trainers are so widely accepted now. I really like the idea of being able to walk comfortably while still being style updated and these Call it Spring white sneakers are really great addition in my shoe collection. These shoes also come in black but more of that soon!

Call it Spring also have new selection of bags this season and I particularly love this bag with palm tree prints. Very UAE and in season I would say. Get so see more of their Back to School collection here.

Hope you guys have a lovely weekend! I have been busy for the past two weeks and finally I'm able to have some time alone. My weekend plan is to chill, play video games, consume a lot of coffee and Netflix lol! What's your plan? 😊

Always have fun!

M O R E   P H O T O S   H E R E:

Thank you GANT and Call it Spring!

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