Thrift Newbie + Rove Trade Center Visual Diary

July 06, 2017

Weekend is almost here but boy it is soooo hot and humid outside! But instead of staying home, wouldn't it be fun to drive an Emirate away and have a fun Staycation?

Last weekend, if you have been following my #Instastory we went to Dubai last week for my extended birthday celebration with friends.

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We stayed this time at Rove Trade Centre the newest Rove hotel in Dubai. Rove hotels has been randomly popping up everywhere! I'm not complaining though, we paid AED300 for one night with breakfast for 2 so its really a good deal especially if you're sharing with one of your friends. I've heard that they'll be building more soon which I'm super excited about. Hopefully, next one will be in Jumeirah area!

L O O K   # 1:

Sunglasses: Pull & Bear
Shirt: Thrift
Trousers: Giordano

Oh yes! You've read that right! I'm doing thrift finds now!

One of my Dubai based blogger friends, Tessa (@tessathehippie) is an ultimate thrifter! She told us that there's a warehouse in Sarjah that sells thrift clothes for only less than AED20 per kilo. Amazing right? So one weekend during Ramadan, we went to one of the warehouses and it was a interesting experience.

When we got there, I was so overwhelmed on the amount of clothes piled up everywhere! lol! I did find a few interesting pieces but the girls that were with us came home with a sack of clothes.

Quick Sarjah Thrift Warehouse tips:

  • Learn how to dig clothes!
  • Have at least a set of clothes or ideas in your mind on what are you trying to find. I got so overwhelmed that I went home with only 4 shirts.
  • Go there during the cooler months and wear something comfortable. We were like chickens inside an oven when we went there. There's no AC. 
  • Bring water, something to cover your face if you're dust sensitive and alcohol/wet wipes to use after your shopping spree.
  • Girls will find a lot of cute things, while guys you really have to look closely.

Buttoned shirts are the talk of the town right now. For this look I'm going for a Korean-style summer look. I went for a loose fitting striped multi-coloured shirt that I got from the thrift warehouse and paired it with a blue navy trousers (Giordano). I wore a cool vintage framed sunglasses (Pull & Bear) and of course a comfy pair of sneaks.

L O O K   # 2:

Shirt: Thrift

Day 2 look is a combination of neutral colours. I wanted to go for something relaxed and fresh looking and that floral linen shirt is definitely a good find paired with chinos. I wore again the same sunglasses and loafers to finish the look.

Note on wearing loose shirts: 

  • It should be at least one size bigger.
  • Fold the sleeves at you preferred length. Don't go too far though or it will look funny.
  • Tuck only the front part the shirt.
  • You may or may not wear a tank underneath, but definitely unbutton the shirt at least below your chest. Again, don't overdo this cause it will look like you're trying too hard.
I would like to by the way say thank you to Paul (, one of UAE's top male style bloggers for giving this wonderful gifts!

Oh gosh, before I end this blog, if you guys have or planning to buy the Nintendo Switch do yourself a favor and skip reading and watching reviews about Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Just go get it! I'm new to the LOZ franchise and wow seriously this game is amazing!

BTW, Tune in for another fun weekend #Instastory starting tomorrow! I've been looking forward on this trip since May and I'm sure you guys are going to love it.

Thank you guys for reading this week's blog! Hope you guys have an awesome weekend!

Always have fun!

R O V E   T R A D E   C E N T R E   V I S U A L   D I A R Y

My Rove Trade Centre staycation was at par with my Rove City Centre experience. Click here for the full hotel review.

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