Switch it Up!

July 22, 2017

Looking for an incredible dining venue and atmosphere with an awesome menu? Switch is the best place for you!

Switch has finally reached Abu Dhabi's shores (or port) located in Abu Dhabi's developing dining and hang out area in Al Bateen Wharf.

The restaurant's design is futuristic and very modern although due to the color theme, it reminds me of the buildings in Santorini which really adds to it's appeal. The floor to ceiling windows lighten's up the space and is perfect for those people who likes taking photos of food before dining. 😉

In continuation with it's modern and contemporary theme, the menu is of course presented in an iPad. Now i know its already 2017, but most of the restaurants here in UAE still goes with those huge and heavy menus that are most of the time torn up or have food stains. It's a really simple idea nowadays but hopefully we see more restaurants doing this in the future. 

For my starter I had the Chicken Soup with cheddar cheese served in a bread roll. It's actually my first time try a soup served this way. I've seen this served in some restaurants and videos but I've never really had the chance to try one until now. Its very creamy and the cheese is quite good and seasoned perfectly with balanced flavors. Really good to share.

One thing I always look for these type of restaurants is how they serve their fries. I got the Dynamite Fries served in a hot pan with crispy fried onions on top, jalapeño, cheese and a choice between chicken or beef (I got chicken) drizzled with dynamite sauce.

Now for the main reason why we are here, the Camel Burger! This is another first for me, I was actually quite worried how this would taste like. 

I honestly thought that it would taste weird like lamb (sorry, I don't like eating lamb), but when I had a bite and started chewing and savouring the flavour, it was actually very good! The meat is light and tender. It has a pleasant mellow taste close to beef. What I like about this burger though is that the ingredients are not to overpowering and they let you taste the meat more so its a good experience especially for people tasting camel meat for the first time. 

Im a sucker for Lotus so of course I had the Lotus Mess for dessert! The lotus cake is quite lovely added with a scoop of ice cream and chunks of Lotus biscuits. You can even add more drizzle of that Lotus sauce for that extra goodness!

For today's look, I'm wearing a cute multi-coloured striped shirt with a tank underneath. I also wore a cropped jeans which I cut on my own. Torn tiered jeans apparently doesn't look good on me sadly so this is the closest way I could get close to that. And finally wore pair of white shoes.

Had a delightful lunch at Switch and visiting Al Bateen Wharf! Once the weather cools down will surely go back there and take more amazing photos!

The weekend is not yet done! Visit Switch now! Open daily from 10AM to 12MN.

Always have fun!

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