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May 21, 2017

I'm back in YouTube everyone! But this time, I'm planning on making it right and sticking to it.

I'm not gonna promise weekly videos though cause I'm doing a lot of things and I don't think I can keep up. Sadly, thats also the reason why I have to discontinue LosUAETraVlog and just change my channel to simply Lo's Vlog.

In this video, I'll be showing you my room which I have been woking on (and spending on) for weeks. Watch the it here!:

More about my room below:

If you follow me on Twitter, this is the reason why I got addicted on Pinterest. 😅 

It's really important for me to have a creative space to inspire me while I'm working so I did everything I could do to make this room me.

I really like rooms with a lot of natural light coming in with plain white walls and furnitures. I'm not an Interior Designer but in my opinion, its so easy to mix colours with white especially if you're planning to add a lot of fun room accessories and art pieces in your room.

The thing I really love about this my room is the desk. For some reason, I've been told that I don't look tall in my photos but I'm actually 179cm which I hate sitting the whole day especially when I'll be working on my blog or do editing the whole day. So I when I found out that we are moving, I really made sure that I get a desk that would be in perfect height when I'm standing. 

I also made sure that I have a lot of shelving space to display my favorite travel quotes (thank you again pinterest) while my favorite books, magazines and small accessories are in the corner.

To add a little more fun in my room, I got this small greenhouse and placed some indoor plants with colorful pots. You may think Im a weirdo, but I sometimes tend to look at them for a couple seconds and then just smile, cause they look so cute!

When it comes to the bed, I decided that I wanted more space so instead of having it king sized to roll on, I just sticked with a nice day bed. I'm not really a person who moves a lot when I'm sleeping and I realized that I tend to be much more lazy when I used to have a huge bed so this really made sense. Plus, I really like that its positioned next to the window so I can look at the outdoors and spy on people haha!

As of now, I don't have enough space to store my clothes so they are currently stored everywhere in our house. And no, I don't have an amazing walk in closet (contrary to my blog name right?) and I'm not really planning on having one anytime soon. But, to get me inspired I purchased a small rack to display a few of my favorite jackets.

Finally, I also have a small secret garden and balcony beside my room where I usually sit for a morning cup of coffee.

I'm super happy and excited on filming and doing a lot of fun and creative things with my new room!

S T Y L E   J O U R N A L:

Shirt: F&F

Today's look is very simple, just a s shirt tank, shorts and sneakers. I wanted to be chill and comfortable while filming and go straight to brunch (more about my Cho Gao experience soon!) after. F&F was super nice to send me in this red checkered shirt I'm wearing that looked really cool with my black shirt and shoes. 

Hope you guys like the video and please do subscribe to my channel for more soon!

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Always have fun!

M O R E   P H O T O S   H E R E:

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