3 Summer in Color Tips with Giordano

May 14, 2017

Whew! Boy it's hot! When the weather reaches 42°,  you know its time to rely on brightly colored clothes this season. Good thing Giordano happens to have all that you need!

In this special edition of my Style Journal, I'm going to give you three tips on why you should not be afraid to add color in your life this summer.

L O O K   1:

A crisp white button down shirt should always be in your wardrobe. 

Wether its long or short sleeves, a modern guy should never forget that a crisp white shirt will not only make you look clean and fresh, its very versatile and can be worn in any occasion.

You must however make sure that you have the right fit. Too loose and you'll look like a walking sack, too fit will make you look like you need some air to breathe and could risk breaking your buttons.

Like I said, white shirts are versatile so don't be afraid to play around with. Look preppy or nautical by tucking it in with a plain colored shorts and a nice pair of shoes.

L O O K   2:

Why not pink?

Pink should not only be exclusive for the ladies. Did you know that during the 18th century, men used to wear pink with floral embroideries and was considered masculine?

If you like to feel more confident and stand out and, wearing pink is definitely the way to go. The sun is actually a good friend of pink as it makes the color pops out more and you'll feel more comfortable in it as it has the same cooling effect like blue.

I suggest you get a perfectly fit Oxford shirt paired with a nice trousers. I kinda had fun with it and wore a tropical printed pair of shoes. Side note, in this look I'm really loving Giordano's ankle length trousers as it is a great alternative for shorts and I can easily move around with it.

L O O K   3:

When in doubt, stick to the basics.

Most of the time I really stay away from T-shirts that has oversized letters or very loud prints. A thing that you should know about summer is that its better to have little to less prints than going too overboard especially with men.

I always say that unless if you're wearing a suit, you could only wear one item that has print which is why you need the a good amount of plain colored clothing.

Simple and easy, just wear and go. Make sure you have at least three different colored plain T-shirts this season so you can easily mix them around. Avoid wearing T-shirts with rubber prints. They're outdated and it adds extra heat that would make you feel uncomfortable. 

My to go look every summer is the usual Cap-Shirt-Trousers-Sneakers combo. You'll never go wrong with these simple rules. 😉

Check out Giordano's latest collection on their website! 
Stores are available in almost all major malls and shopping centres across UAE.

Hope you guys enjoyed this week's blogpost. Have a great week ahead!

Always have fun!

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