The Daily @ Rove City Centre

March 14, 2017

Here's another fun first at Lo's Closet! A full review of a restaurant I have dined in. 😊
As I said on my Rove City Centre blogpost, the hotel is known to be a Social Hub, The Daily on the other hand for me is the ultimate hangout place.

When I first stepped in at The Daily, it felt like I was coming in those high ceiling, industrial styled restaurants seen in New York or London. I really love the floor to ceiling windows that lets a lot of natural light to come in as it makes the food look more appetizing and visually appealing plus your photos will look great! 😉

The sitting capacity is actually huge. Some tables are long which is great for a group of friends and work colleagues out for a lunch meeting. We spent most of our time there and I've noticed that there are hours that the restaurant is quiet which I really appreciate cause this gives you more chance to focus on your work or studies while you are alone dining.

The interiors are of course very modern and hip, it sometimes feel like I'm in the cafeteria of the university I studied on. The chairs looks very cool and the electrical plugs and USB ports on the long tables are very helpful and super well thought of!

We first had lunch at the restaurant. It was a bit late and we were really not that hungry so we just ordered a Marinara Pizza and Mac and Cheese, very basic. There's of course more stuff on the menu and the prices are good. I wish I would have tried their sandwiches though but I guess that's for another visit. 

Our favorite was the Mac and Cheese! It was served in this very cool hot plate and wood board with a slice of bread and crispy bacon on the top. The cheeses they used blended great that we finished it first before heading to Marinara Pizza.

They also have a selection of smoothies that taste very good! Mine was the Green Shake (far left) and for my cousin/photographer was a Banana Chocolate Milkshake.

We absolutely love breakfast food! The next day we dined again at The Daily, this time it was a breakfast buffet. We've noticed though that you can also order your choice of eggs so we opt to do that first so there'll be less time waiting after we get other dishes from the buffet.

I ordered the Red Shakshuka which is something that is not normally offered on other hotel breakfasts. Absolutely a must try! Well for me at least because I've never had shakshuka before. lol! If you have a thought of having hash browns and your eggs baked together, you'll definitely love this. 

BTW, I love croissants. I absolutely love them that I now know if they are made and baked fresh and I'm very confident to say that the croissants served at The Daily is definitely freshly made! 

Overall, we loved hanging out and dining at The Daily. The staff were super nice, the ambiance is very cool and food was great! Would love to come back and have lunch again there soon!

More photos here:

Always have fun!

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