Spring Awakening

by - 11:15

Shirt: Splash

Spring is here! Well its still as cold as winter here in UAE but you'll know when the dry winter is about to transition to Spring when there are mornings that are very foggy like you were living in Silent Hill (sorry, game geek reference just inserted there! Lol).

Im wearing this very nice wind coat I haven't worn in years. It looks super nice but boy its so hard to pair it with something where I wont look like a doctor who's about to go to a surgery. Lol! Anyway, I guess the trick is to pair it with light colors, to make it look like a nice outdoor outfit.

I have this thing where I usually srunch up the sleeves of a coat or cardigan little enough just to show a bit more color especially when im wearing a checked shirt. I went all the way and threw out a custard yellow pants to complete the look

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