Parka Obsession

March 24, 2017

Okay, I'm a little behind on my blog style journals lately so I'm doing 2 looks in one go.

If you've been following me on Instagram, you know I've been busy for the past few months and I did a couple of bloggers meet too.

Last February we did the Rise DCH Instameet where we were tasked to take the best sunset photos while of course meeting a lot of Instagramers and bloggers during the day. This was my entry:

Rise DCH I believe has one of the best sunset and cityscape views in Dubai. There's always an event going on there and there's also a couple of cool cafes, foodtrucks and restaurants in the area. As of now though, it is only open during weekends.

L O O K #1: Rise Dubai Creek Harbour Instameet

Parka: Pull & Bear
Scarf and Shirt: H&M
Joggers: Pull & Bear

It was very cold that day so I decided to cover up and bring in a scarf (H&M) for extra warmth. I have a thing right now with parkas (Pull & Bear) so I wear them everytime especially during this year's winter months. Underneath was just a basic long sleeves t-shirt and wore a dark and cozy joggers (Pull & Bear) and boots to compliment the look. 

The thing about parkas for me is that its perfect for UAE's weather. It doesn't snow here but it gets super windy and cold then the day after its a little bit warmer. Some parkas, if you choose the right one, are very light and easy to carry plus they're great to have around when weather is unpredictable. And OMGH! The pockets!!! I love the pockets! I tend to be the person who hates bringing bags and having multiple pockets on my jacket is always a good thing for me. 

From left: @thatguynamedpatrick @joycaasi me @jeromerafael
Best part of doing instameets: Hanging out with this amazing creative community that has the same goal of showcasing UAE's traditional and modern culture and the wonderful places you can visit here.

Together with @bublymiles
Plus I get to meet the people behind the camera and share stories with them. 😊

Check out the full Rise DCH #Instastory here!

L O O K #2: Secret Collaboration

Cap, Parka and Shorts: Pull & Bear
Shirt: Bershka

Last week we went to Dubai for a secret Collaboration with Illustrado Magazine and Crocs. 

That day was a little bit warm so I decided to wear shorts (Pull & Bear).  I thought though that its still going to be cool in the afternoon so of course I wore a light parka (Pull & Bear), a striped shirt underneath (Bershka) which btw is only AED29 and it wasn't even on sale (good one Breshka!) and a cap (Pull & Bear) because my hair wasn't cooperating. lol!

Before heading to the shop, Marrybrown invited us to try their food and have lunch with the bloggers. Their chicken is seriously good! You guys should try it! I also liked the chicken, rice and gravy bowl.

After lunch, and stupidly driving around downtown Dubai (thank you Dubai roads and GPS 😑) we went to the Crocs store at BurJuman Mall for the "secret" collaboration with Illustardo Magazine and Crocs. I can't give you more details right now except that you should head over my Instagram account on APRIL 03 for a fun surprise!

Check out the full Secret Collaboration #Instastory here!

More Photos:

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See you all on the next blogpost!

Always have fun!

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