February 25, 2017

Shirt: Bershka
Joggers: Pull & Bear
Shoes: Nike

This a quick blogpost look with my first take on the "Athliesure" style. Athleisure is basically still a new fashion trend in which clothes typically used for sports are worn in other settings and occasions.

With this look, I'm going for a sort of quick city walk/go grab coffee look in a slightly chilly weather, which immediately failed because we shot this and I was freezing like hell... or Arendelle in Frozen.?... What???

I have been experimenting lately on new trends and I'm going to be honest, I have stayed away from joggers for as long as I can cause I didn't know what to do with them lol.

But since the weather has changed, my view for joggers has changed dramatically. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with them, but I have been wearing them lately because they are so darn comfortable!

So yeah, I kinda bought a couple of them this season. Sadly the weather during these days are not so friendly with OOTDs so we couldn't get great shots of my outfit.

Anyway, for my athleisure look, I threw my favorite black and white bomber jacket and a plain black shirt (Bershka) for the top and q pair of grey joggers (Pull & Bear) and sneakers (Nike) for the bottoms. 

There you go kids, short and sweet. If you want to see more of me, I'm quite active recently on Instagram where I do daily IG posts and #Instastories time to time. Next week I have an Instastory that I'm super excited with so make sure you follow me on Instagram @locloset!

See you on the next blogpost! 😊

Always have fun!

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