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January 28, 2017

Its fascinating to know that there are so much more things to see and do here in Abu Dhabi. My drive to #RediscoverAbuDhabi has gone bigger because of this!

Last week my cousin and I had a pleasure to be able to try the Jalboot.

Jalboot is sort of like Big Bus Tour but even better... You sail across Abu Dhabi waters!

I have never seen so many familiar places in a much more beautiful view:

Abu Dhabi Port

Abu Dhabi Marina

Fairmont Building

Emirates Palace

Etihad Towers

The trip starts at 12PM at the Abu Dhabi Mall station. Look for the Jalboot kiosk at the Abu Dhabi Mall main entrance and wait for the buggy car to take you to the dock. Make sure you bring your Passport or valid Emirates ID.

Once you arrive the boat, get comfortable and find the best place to sit in. I suggest you sit by the windows on the middle row. :)

The boat is so clean and modern! The chairs are super comfortable and the views are stunning. I like that the windows let a lot of light in and that you get a full view of the city as you tour around. 

I joined the day trip but think the evening trip would be more interesting as you'll get a full view of Abu Dhabi from day to night. The crew will even let you come out on the deck to take photos. Overall, it was definitely a must do not only for tourist but also for people living here in Abu Dhabi and UAE.

If you want to see more of my Jalboot experience, head to my Facebook Instastory here OR go to my joint Instagram account with my cousin here now!:

Speaking of our joint Instagram, my cousin (@imkrismacapagal) and I have recently launched our joint instagram account containing our travel #Instastories around UAE.  Please follow us on Instagram @our_instastory and get to see our fun UAE adventures.

Now I know I just recently did a nautical look and I'm doing one again now, but I seriously can't help it! I really seems like the is calling out to me! (In direct reference to Moana 😄)

I have a strong feeling that this year you'll see my style head more to Nautical and more casual city looks.

I'm wearing a nice summer blazer with a cute nautical lapel pin and a striped shirt underneath. For the bottoms I wore a dark blue chinos to make the look more blended an completed with a pair of comfortable walking shoes.

Wondering where I'll go next? Don't forget to follow us then for more fun Instastories on Instagram @our_instastory and my instagram @locloset

Thank you Jalboot for having us on board!

For Jalboot tickets and information, head to their website here: http://www.jalboot.ae/

See you on the next blogpost! 😊

Always have fun!

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