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December 11, 2016

The past two weeks have been extremely busy, not just with work but with also a lot of activities during the weekend.

Remember that I said that I'll try to go out a bit more and meet new people? Well I found an easier and more fun way through @igersdubai! Igersdubai organizes "instameets" which is open to anyone.

My first Instameet was in Bay Square in the Dubai Business Bay area.
If you like photography and meeting new people, I highly suggest you follow @igersdubai on Instagram. All you have to do is wait for their next instameet posts and sign up on the links that they will provide. You have to be very fast though cause there are limited slots available.

Aside from meeting new people, they give you fun photography challenges which is basically the theme of the instameet and prices to will given away on the end of the day. So go and follow @igersdubai and who knows, you might even meet your favorite UAE bloggers. :)

Button-down: Iconic
Jeans: Bershka
Cap: H&M
Glasses: Tom Ford

Since the Instameet is held in the city and we'll surely have to walk a lot, I decided to wear something comfortable and have this sort of city-boy-meets-industrial type of look.

BTW the glasses I'm wearing are officially prescription glasses (Tom Ford). I have been experiencing weird migraines and eye sores recently since I've been around computers and my phone most of the time so no more wearing "aesthetic" glasses lol.

Now to achieve this city-boy-meets-industrial look, I wore a plain grey shirt which matches my cap (H&M) and layered this look with a green button-down (Iconic). For the bottoms, I wore this a plain black pair of jeans (Bershka). I really wanted to try ripped jeans but I don't know how will that work for me so I decided to pass plus the ripped jeans trend usually come and go so I decided to stick with something that will last more, style-wise and finally ended with a trusted pair of sneakers.

We also went to Last Exit since I read a lot of good things about it.

Trust me when I say that this place is INSANE! I absolutely loved it! There's a lot of food trucks to choose from and the food are really good.

As you can see, I tried my best to try everything lol. A second visit will definitely be in order.

Aside from the food, the place is also well designed! It looks like a Gasoline station and a rest stop which is probably why its called Last Exit.

There are a lot of outdoor seating and indoor seating is available as well, but since not that the weather has turned more delightful and cooler, I suggest you just stay outdoors and enjoy the awesome view of the place. The indoor area obviously has limited seating available but the design of the place is really cool. It has this warehouse/hardware shop look that looks great in photos.

Hope I see you on the next instameet and I wish you guys enjoyed today's blog! See you on the next one! :D

Always have fun!

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