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August 23, 2015

Eyeglasses: zeroUV 9230
Shirt: landmarkshops.com
Jacket: Zara
Bag: Herschel Supply Co

The Minions movie may have passed, but I'm still hanging on my obsession with them! I mean why wouldn't I?! Cute characters with funny erratic behaviours, not to mention they are color YELLOW!?! Sign me up somewhere there! :D

I had tons of fun shooting this look! My cousin who takes all my pictures here in my blog is currently on a vacation. So before left, we had to hurry to shoot A LOT of looks.

We were already out of ideas on which location should we shoot this final look of the month. So we drove around feeling a bit hopeless because the sun is almost out and we need to wrap everything up! I was already thinking of doing the shoot on my own like I used to for this look... when we found this abandoned construction site!

I figured that Minions likes building (and destroying! lol!)  things so I figured this will be a fitting location for this look! ^_^

Now I know its still summer, but what can I do?! I cannot resist using the jacket (Zara) I'm wearing that I've been waiting to go on sale! I really liked that everything went so well together especially the fun Minion print shirt (landmarkshops.com). I also wore a comfy pair of chinos and cool sneakers for more added fun!

To bring my secret despicable gadgets, I brought this super cool Herschel backpack I got as a birthday gift from my friends at work. I'm super glad It went so well with this look. I was actually planning to buy a Hershel bag but I couldn't decide if should get one and surprise! I got my wish! Again thanks to my friends Pauline, Venus, Jek and Krsna! You are an amazing group of mind readers!

And of course this look would not be complete without my zeroUV eyeglasses!

zeroUV 9230 Eco Limited Edition Bamboo Clear Eyeglasses: http://bit.ly/1Jp4raV
If Minions can wear some sort of goggles, why cant I? This zeroUV eyeglasses is actually made of bamboo! Its quite amazing actually! I'm sure those Minions would be at awe on the ingenuity of this eyeglasses! Well done zeroUV, you have made these Minions so proud!

Want your own cool pair of zeroUV glasses? Click the link below!:

Go crazy and eat a banana and always remember to have fun! :D

10 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets = 2 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets
5 T-Shirts = COMPLETE!

Always have fun!

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  2. that warby parker sunglasses look great on you along with your outfit!

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