Breathing Dreams Like Air

August 08, 2015

Glasses: zeroUV 2891
Shirt: Elle Homme
Blazer: Splash Fashions
Socks: Iconic Socks
Shoes: Call it Spring

Hey there old sport! ^_^

I re-watched The Great Gatsby this week and I still cant get over the level of effort that was put in that movie! Particularly of course in the fashion, but still overall the movie is amazing!

I like the line in the book saying "Breathing dreams like air." For me this means that your dreams and aspirations in life are just hanging there and all you have to do is to live to it and continue to pursue them every single day and treat them like it is essentially important to you and you cannot live without it like our need for oxygen.

I wonder if people in that era really lived a carefree, glamorous, jazz life? Not to mention the amount of layers of clothes they wore at that time! Can you imagine how big their wardrobe was? Dry cleaning business (if they had at that time) must have been booming! lol

Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to, I did not have enough pieces of clothes to pull of a 1920's look. BUT! I did able to manage to wear something close to 1930's to 1940's which is not that far right? :D

Today's look is my own take of 20th century fashion.

First of all, I'm really really happy with how the colours turned out in this look! I'm also surprised that its quite comfortable. I'm wearing a blazer (Splash) paired with a nice mint shirt (Elle Homme) and trousers. 

I also wore this super fun socks I bought on my recent trip in the Philippines in a store called Iconic Socks and together I wore these super comfy shoes from Call It Spring. 

And of course this look will not be complete without a zeroUV Eyewear!

zeroUV Tortoise 2891:

Hope you guys liked this look and enjoy your weekend!

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Always have fun!

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