Lo's Closet Landmarkshops.com Giveaway Winners!!!!

July 31, 2015


Moment of truth guys!!!! I would like to announce on behalf of landmakshops.com the winner of the Lo's Closet Landmarkshops.com Giveaway!

drum roll please.....

Congratulations to Namita V Sutri and Jamila Keriwala!!!! You both win 250AED online vouchers from landmarkshops.com!!!

Please wait for my e-mail on how to claim your prizes. ^_^

And to all those people who sent me your wonderful messages, shared the contest links and images around all your social media platforms we would like to thank you all!

I am so overwhelmed with the responses I've received from you all and I cant wait to see your messages again on my next giveaway!

Don't worry there are still TONS of awesome deals and discounts at landmarkshops.com! What are you waiting for? Shop now and say hello to a better online shopping experience!

Always have fun!

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