Summer Basics

June 15, 2015

Bag: SM

Whoo! Its SOOOOO FREAKING HOT! Summer is back in UAE and this year is not really fun for me! lol! (notice the two weeks delay? Yep! Its the weather!)

Apparently I was supposed to feature a look last week but it didn't work out cause IT WAS SUPER HOT! So I had to cancel the shoot and redo the whole look as it didn't end well with all the sweating and humidity stuff...

But! Well yeah I'm back with a summer look written all over it!

Today I'm wearing a casual walk in the park look. Its very basic cause I wanted to start with Summer with something simple. I promised this year that I wouldn't overdress during Summer so we'll see what looks I will be able to come up this season. ^_^

I wanted to protect my skin from the sun so I wore a cotton long sleeves shirt that a bit oversized which gives my body enough space to breathe and adds an extra shield from the harmful summer radiation. And yes the reign of above the knee shorts for men has been apparent all Summer season and I'm wearing one! I mean why wouldn't it be?! With the weather right now? Either you wear a little less or just stay home! We all want to be comfy and stylish right????

Nothing really new about this look except for the bag which I got during my vacation in the Philippines. Unfortunately, I was not able to remember the brand (what kind of a fashion blogger am I?!) but you might still definitely get it around SM department store.

I've been looking all over for this type of bag, that is not too big and not too small, just enough to carry a few stuff that I need.

Oh and btw! Finally, after a couple of technical and personal issues (lol!) My #VOOTDs are back!!!! Here's my latest VOOTD for the months of April and May:

Hope you guys liked it! Oh and in case you guys are wondering... Yes! Those ankle tattoos are real! A lot of people don't know is that I actually had my first tattoo five years ago in the upper left side of my back and I've just recently decided to get two more during my vacation. I'll tell you guys more about on my next post!

If you want to see the actual tattoos check out my Instagram account and do follow me as well while your'e at it. :D

Oh and finally! A couple of good things to come on the next few weeks here in Lo's Closet. I won't be announcing it just yet but expect one to be featured next week so tune in!

Enjoy Summer guys!

5 Bags = COMPLETE!

Always have fun!

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  1. You look wonderful, wonderful dress, I like all :)
    could you click the links in the text and the pictures in this post, and a banner at the bottom please?

  2. dear Lo, it also happens to me that I forget a name of the brand or the store where I bough don't worry about it.

    fantastic summer styling!


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