Blue Leaf

May 20, 2015

Shirt and Lapel Pin: H&M
Hat: eBay

Hey guys! Sorry for the late post, due to my recent health issue my doctor's recommendation is that I get two weeks vacation (which I gladly accepted! lol) so after this post I will be gone for another two weeks. I know, I know I've been slow on my posts lately but I need to take care of myself first so I can post more looks soon. I promise I wont take long. ^_^

So today I went a back on my dapper/dandy roots. Whenever its summer, I always make sure that I wear well coordinated looks with striking colors. Wore a nice suit with my current favorite DIY lapel pin (H&M) and wore a simple yellow and white stripped shirt (H&M). It may look too much for summer but it actually isn't. The trick is to always feel comfortable and if you think you'll pass out wearing a fully clothed outfit during this season, then dont. Save yourself from passing out! lol

Finished off with a pork pie hat I got online (eBay) that worked well with my suit and pair of boat shoes. Unfortunately I didn't have a nice experience shopping online this time as this item was shipped to me for 2 freaking months! I need to take seller ratings seriously next time.

While I'm on vacation you may still visit my Instagram page for more of my fun posts! Hopefully I'd be able to post my May-April OOTD vids which I am still unable to post.

Ill see you all in two weeks! :D

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