DW: What It Takes to Be A True Gentleman (Part 2)

April 14, 2015

This would the the 2nd part of What It Takes to Be a True Gentleman series.

Today's lesson:


A True Gentleman is someone you would immidiately spot when he enters the room as he stands out in the crowd. He exudes an aura of grace and sophistication. He has a great sense of individuality and carries himself very well yet with all these natural traits, a True Gentleman is approachable and very easy to talk with.

He is not a snob and would initiate a firm and warm handshake first when he meets a person for the first time. He is well-versed yet he does not pretend to know a lot things. He would always makes new friends and would easily make someone smile or laugh.

A True Gentleman is open-minded and accepts criticisms as constructive challenges. He listens attentively to what you have to say and always makes eye contact.

He has this certain je ne sais quoi that is so hard to figure out but people are still drawn to him because they want to get to know him better.

Daniel Wellington Silver 38mm Silver Watch w/ Italian Leather Strap
Such personality suits Daniel Wellington's Dapper Watches. Its very simple yet still very unique and elegant. It's straightforward and does not trick you with different gimmicks and gadgetry we have today. It is timeless and will still be admirable and desirable in years to come.

This classic silver frame DW Dapper Watch is something that everyone would want to talk about when seen first. It's just the right size and very light plus paired with its Italian Leather Strap, it is a Watch worthy for be worn by a True Gentleman.

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More about Daniel Wellington's Dapper Watch on the 3rd and last part of What It Takes to Be a Gentleman series!

Always have fun!

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