Eye Candy Series: Mr. Citrus

February 12, 2015

Shirt and Shorts: Iconic

Well friends, weather is coming back to normal here in UAE. And by normal I mean it's getting warmer each day! Ugh! I will so miss the perfect weather during January! But its okay! Its almost Summer which means we get to spend more time at the pool or the beach!

So this week I went to go beach walking and see how its like and surprisingly I was very pleased! Its so perfect! There's not a lot of people, plus I get to run and shoot some photos and videos freely! I had tons of fun!

This would certainly be a perfect location for an intimate and romantic sunset moment with your special someone before you go to that romantic Valentines dinner! <3

This look with be the second look for my EYE CANDY series!

I had a great time thinking about what to wear! Remember, it's not yet Summer and still a bit chilly so I decided to wear a nice light colored linen shirt and floral printed shorts (Iconic). I wasn't really going to swim, I just wanted to be there and hangout so I didn't bring swimming clothes. Wore a nice pork pie hat, brought sunglasses just in case, some fun weaved bracelets, a watch and comfy shoes that I mostly didn't wear when I was there. What can you do? I like the feeling of warm beach sand on my feet!

This is would be a great beach look if ever you decide to take your date with you in the beach as you will be more comfortable to sit around or lie down while talking nothing but just sweet things while looking adorable, ready to laugh and have some fun! <3

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Speaking of sweets, for our date I brought some small stuff to chew just in case we get a little hungry. I got Hello Pandas biscuits which is one of my fav biscuits ever and of course, this series is not complete without a bottle of Spun Candy! I brought the Citrus Mix bottle and I just feel in love with them! It felt summer-ish when I put one piece of candy in my mouth! I really like lemony and sour candies!

I hope you are having a nice time on our 2nd date! One more look to go! Have you already planned your Valentines outfit yet? Let me know on the comments below! :D

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Always have fun!

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