New Year Charm + Easy Lapel Pin DIY

December 29, 2014

Tie and Lapel Pin: H&M
Sweater: Pull and Bear
Watch: Aldo Accessories

I wish you all had a wonderful Christmas!

2014 is about to say goodbye guys! Wonder if you have already planned out your New Year's party outfit.

As for me? Well I'm always dressed for any occasion. Even when I'm just going out to the mall my outfits are always on standby and ready on the go. lol!

If you already planned an outfit but you want to go a little bit further, then you might want to try this easy lapel pin DIY!

Lapel pins are slowly going back in fashion. This is a great accessory for New Year as it looks fancy and festive at the same time. Unfortunately, you can't easily find them anywhere. I originally wanted to buy them online but I find them a bit pricey and you would have to wait at least 15-30 days for delivery which is too long for just a piece of accessory so I decided to make my own!


1. Flower Hair Clips - About 1 1/2" in diameter. I got these from H&M at the ladies section around the accessories display. You may also check other ladies accessories store just make sure you get the right size.
2. Safety pin
3. Scissors - You may also use a box cutter
4. Hot Glue
5. Ribbon (Optional)


1. Cut the back of to remove the hair clip and make an opening. Once open, slowly remove the hair clip out making sure you do not remove the small fabric along with the clip.

2. Place the safety pin inside the fabric and make sure its in the upright position before you insert the hot glue.

3. Seal the pin with hot glue and close the cut section of the fabric.

4. Optional: Make another seal by sticking a piece of ribbon with hot glue to make sure the cut will not open and the pin wont be easily removed. And you're done! :D

See! They're very easy to make not to mention they're also very cheap. I just got them for around less than AED5.00 a piece and it took me around 3 mins to finish one. So what are you waiting for? Make you own! -_^

Now lets talk about the look. I wanted to look like a modern day prince charming attending a masquerade ball. There's a saying in my country that it is lucky to wear polka dots print during the New Year festivities so I kinda tweaked that a bit and wore a Mickey Mouse print shirt (Pull & Bear) 'cause technically Mickey Mouse's face and ears are round. Put on a nice white shirt underneath and a Mickey Mouse print bow tie (H&M Kids Section) to match with the sweater.

Wore a pink blazer and put on my DIY lapel pin (H&M), put on nice pair of jeans, shoes, and a watch (Aldo Accessories). This masquerade look will not be complete however without my mask! I DIY-ed my own mask but unfortunately I didn't have enough time to show you guys how to do it (hopefully soon maybe).

Wish you all the best for 2015! Enjoy the New Year celebration with your family and your loved ones! <3

10 Sweaters = 7 Sweaters

Always have fun!

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