Fancy Christmas

December 22, 2014

Blazer, Glasses and Sweater: Zara
Lapel Pin: H&M + DIY
Instax Mini 8 Bag: Ebay

Merry Christmas everyone!

Very sorry for the late post guys. If you guys are following me on Facebook and Instagram you'd know that I'm currently on vacation! Yes! Well its just a local leave, but still... Its 20 days! I really need to refresh and de-stress myself from work that's why I decided to take a leave.

Last weekend for example we went to Dubai Atlantis.

Best weekend of the month! ^_^

Now taking that aside, I promised that this post will be a Christmas Special  right? But before we go there let me tell you guys about the look.

I decided to wear something that would be nice for a Christmas Dinner. I wanted it to be a bit formal yet still have that fun and stylish feel. I wore a turtle neck sweater topped with a classic black blazer (Zara) to keep me warm and comfy. Wore a nice pair of jeans and loafers and accessorized this look with a vintage inspired eyeglasses (Zara), hat and a Instax Mini 8 Bag which I got from eBay to carry my Instax camera for instant memories to capture and cherish during the wonderful Holiday.

Finally to make this look a bit more fancy I finished this look with a lapel pin from H&M that I DIY-ed. It's very easy and fun to make! More of this on my next post!

Now going back on my Christmas Special! If you guys are still wondering what gifts to buy your brother, dad, boyfriends or any guy friends and you're almost out out time, well you're in luck! Here are some nice gift ideas to give to those special men and boys in your life they would surely (and hopefully) like!

If some of these items look familiar that's because they are also feature on today's OOTD! Items are as follows:

1. Marshall Major Headphones

If they like listening to music, remove that super expensive Beats by Dr. Dre out your head (to be honest, they don't sound really nice and they're very pricey!). This super awesome and nice vintage inspired headphones are made by Marshall which has a good repution among all popular and non-popular bands and the music industry in making good quality speakers. And with that experience in the filed of music they have made these headphones with balanced sounds and looks really stylish and I'm sure the person your will give this to will like.

I got this at the Virgin Store in Abu Dhabi Mall. They were selling 3 for AED499 package which is a really good buy! One Marshall Headset would actually cost around AED350 to AED400! Can you believe it?! Check out a Virgin Store near you, as these things are selling really fast!

2. Instax Mini 8 Bag

This is perfect for Instax Obsessed people like me! It comes with a strap and a removable cover all to protect you Instax and to carry them in you shoulder so you don't potentially damage your camera inside your bag and you easily access your camera whenever you need them. They come in different colors and they look really cute!

I couldn't find it anywhere in UAE so I decided to get them online particularly on eBay. It took 30 days to reach me, but it was worth the wait!

3. DIY lapel Pins

If you have a dapper and fashion conscious friend these DIY lapel pins would definitely be a nice gift for them. They're very cheap, fun and easy to make and they're actually surprisingly easy to find! I got these from H&M at the ladies section, they're actually hair clips but I tweaked and hacked it a bit. More of this on my next blogpost! :D

4. Patchi Chocolates

Patchi is a very popular chocolate brand and store here in UAE. You can find them in almost every mall. Aside from the beautifully made chocolate, they also put them in really nice and festive packaging so you don't have to worry about that. Great not only for Christmas but for any occasions!

5.  Mickey Mouse Bowtie

Children section is really a treasure chest of cheap accessories! I got these from H&M boys section and fits perfectly on a adult's neck as well. Give this to your dapper friend along with the DIY lapel pins and he would love your forever!

6.  Assorted Candies

Who in this world doesn't like candies?! Not me! This is a good tip and I always do this every year. Whatever gift you give anyone for Christmas, slip in some candies around the bag or the packaging! Your loved ones would never guest what is inside and it would be a nice surprise along with your gift. Plus it also gives back some nice childhood Christmas memories and they get to feel like they're kids all over again.

7. Aldo Wrist Watch

Classic and chic, if you have a friend or boyfriend who is always in time, this would be a nice gift or him! Whenever you're late in a date or a meeting he would look at this watch and remember that you gave it to him. You'll get away with it and you are easily forgiven, no questions asked! Works all the time! lol!

8. Zara Vintage Inspired Eyeglasses

Give this together with the Mickey Mouse Tie and DIY lapel pins, your dapper friend will not just love you, he will worship 'cause you know him so well! These are very stylish and will look good in a nice suit and tie.

That ends my list! What do you guys think? Let me know on the comments below!

Have a Merry and Fancy Christmas! <3

10 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets = 6 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets
10 Sweaters = 8 Sweaters
5 Bags = 3 Bags

Always have fun!

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