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November 15, 2014

Sweater: Pull & Bear

Well... not exactly New York, I'm still in Abu Dhabi if you guys might be wondering. :)

It just that this is my idea of what outfit I would wear if ever I go there.

I am still redefining and experimenting my style cause I don't want it to always be a default cute, pretty or dapper kind of style blogger. I can be sort of edgy too. -_^

This year I want it to be a mix of everything, especially this season cause this weather opens to many outfit possibilities.

Plus, one thing that you don't know about me is that I <3 Taylor Swift a lot! :D

I've been a fan of her ever since her song "You Belong with Me" played in my radio. I was completely obsessed with her and I bought all her albums online and that's when I started to fall in love with country music. She is the first person that comes to mind if people asks me who do I look up to.

In my opinion aside from being an awesome singer, she's a very good role model. You don't see pictures of her drinking, parting all night or getting high. Some of her songs are hugely inspirational to me like "Mean" and "Shake it Off" cause I felt that way in some point in my life especially when I was younger.

She treats her fans really well and not just through words but also through actions. She doesn't need to "sexify" herself like other artist do just to get attention and sales. She sold tons of CDs just a few weeks after she released 1989, its not really a big deal if it was 2000's but now that its 2014... Who buys CDs?! I did and so does millions of her fans because she deserves it

Don't really care when people tell her "But she dates like A LOT." Is that really a sin? I'm sure everyone has the freedom to choose who he/she want to be with, if it doesn't work out then it doesn't. And yes she writes about he exes but not to get back at them, its just because that's what she felt and the only way for her to express her emotions is to write music. Adele pretty much did the same thing as well right?

Aside from the fact I relate a lot on her music, she never goes out of style and flawlessly redefines her style which is also something I really want to do! On top of that I was born the same year as her! That's why I love 1989! ^_^

So sorry! lol! I just really love Taylor Swift! lol!

Anyway about the look: I'm wearing a cool New York sweater (Pull & Bear), with super skinny jeans. Those jeans btw are for the sake of fashion! lol! I've worn a lot of supper skinny jeans, but this one is just demonically tight! Its in my size but for some reason (maybe when it got washed) it's too tight on me. But it works perfectly on those pair of shoes I've had since college! This pair never went out of style for me, it just really hard to pair it with a basic outfit. Luckily I'm more aware of styling and pretty much know how to mix and match. Finished with a nice hat, necklace and a watch.

Am I New York ready on this look? :D

10 Sweaters = 9 Sweaters

Always have fun!

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  1. Love it :) super cool sweater xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  2. Love this look! To be totally NY, lose the necklace - it would be snatched the minute you step on the subway platform ;-


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