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Watch: Make Time Watches
Shirt: Jules
Hat: H&M

Hello friends! I'm so glad to be back!!!! like I said on my FB like page, I wanted have a week rest from blogging to restart and reflect on what to do for this year.

Most of you would probably know that I've described myself as a Homebody Style Blogger. Well, that still true until now. I pretty much focused on style blogging the whole year rather than attending events and getting more featured on magazines and other media platforms.

To be honest, I am capable of doing that. But then I realized that there are more things that important for me than networking, traveling, trying to be famous and living a life that I pretty much don't have.

Reflecting on the week that I had, there are three questions in my mind on why I want to continue doing this:

1. What is really my goal?
2. What do I get when I do this?
3. Is there a reason why I should be doing this?

Well my friends... There's only one answer to all this questions and its very simple:

I'm doing it for me.

I want my style blogging experience to be entirely about what I do and why I do it and I realized that I don't really need to do what other Fashion Blogger/Style Blogger does. There are days that I just want to sit in my couch, play a random video, finish my favorite RPG games, enjoy a day doing nothing and probably spend my days with friends that I'm very comfortable with and want to hang out with.

I'm an introvert and I have no problem or issues being one. I just really enjoy doing things that I do especially when I'm on my own.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a snob and I'm actually really happy and support other Fashion/Style bloggers doing their own things and becoming well known and successful while attending events, fashion shows, etc. But those things I mentioned are not for me. I think its nice to become well known or to be acknowledged on the things I do particularly on style blogging and illustrating but that's pretty much where the line ends for me.

I don't desire mediocrity, if I do, I wont be doing videos, I won't be doing series, or I wont do fun changes on my blog. I'm just really contented on how my blog is doing now and I honestly want to be someone who's low key yet relatable, creative and do things my own way.

While I was thinking I about this, I realized that each year I sort of had these different themes:

Year 1: Starting Over
Year 2: Continuing on

Finally this year would be...

Year 3: Doing Things The Way I Want 

This year would be very simple, laid back and would focus more on my Style Blogging.

However, I really enjoyed the LOVE ABU DHABI SERIES so this year most of my looks would mostly be around Abu Dhabi! Plus, I might do a couple of short series during this year which I'm very excited about! :D

Oh and another thing! I had tons of fun doing my anniversary video so I'm planning to do short video clips of all the looks I did by the end of each month! Sound good right?

If you guys haven't seen the video yet, feel free to play it right down here:

Oh btw! I have a new haircut! Well it's really not that different from my previous look, but I decided to at least try to look different to open Year 3!
I'm wearing a white light denim shirt (Jules) paired with super skinny jeans and my favorite Nike Air Max sneakers. I put on a cool hat (H&M), necklace and a cool watch from Make Time Watches to complete this nice laid back, on-the-go look.

Build your own custom watch using this Make Time Watches Build and Buy link: use the code MT_LOP to get 10% discount on all your purchases!
I think I did pretty well on Year 2 than in Year 1 completing almost all of the items I listed last year. Unfortunately, I still failed to complete some of the other items:

3 Suits = 2 Suits
5 Slacks/ Chinos = COMPLETE!
10 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets = COMPLETE!
10 Long Sleeves Polo = COMPLETE!
10 Short Sleeves Polo/Polo Shirt = COMPLETE!
5 T-Shirts = 1 T-Shirt
5 Jeans = COMPLETE!
5 Cardigans/Hoodies = COMPLETE!
3 Tank Tops
5 Shorts = 2 Shorts
7 Shoes= COMPLETE!
10 Sweater = 1 Sweaters
2 Vests = 1 Vest
5 Bags = COMPLETE!

This year I removed a couple of items that I don't think I would need for Year 3 and added a new item on the list. We'll see... as they all say, 3rd is a charm so who knows! I might be able to complete The List this year! :D

2 Suits
5 Slacks/ Chino
10 Overcoats/ Casual Jackets
10 Long Sleeves Polo = 9 Long Sleeves Polo
10 Short Sleeves Polo/Polo Shir
5 T-Shirts
5 Jean
5 Cardigans/Hoodie
5 Shorts
7 Shoes
10 Sweater
5 Bag
5 Caps/Hats = 4 Caps/Hats

The Year 2 Archive is now up! If you missed some of my looks or want to do a little back trip feel free to click on the picture below! :D

Thank you all again to all you readers who keeps on supporting my blog and hope you guys would enjoy all the things that I will do for Year 3!

Always have fun!

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