Love Abu Dhabi Year 2 Anniversary: Corniche Family Park

September 12, 2014

Blazer: Milanoo
Watch: Make Time Watches
Shirt: G2000

I'm so so so happy that I got very nice reactions from you all my readers on my LOVE ABU DHABI series!

This time we are going outdoors! ^_^


I love this park ever since I was a child! For most of you who don't know, I did move to Abu Dhabi Two years ago, but since my mom worked here when I was a child I've been visiting the country since I was a kid.

Anyway, as I said this park is my favorite park here in Abu Dhabi! There's so many things that changed here through the years. There used to be a nice fountain with a big rock here before years ago but unfortunately, for some reason they removed it so I'm kinda bummed about it but they did add some awesome stuff here too.

An awesome and fun water park!

A skating rink! :D

A colorful Basketball Court! ^_^
Don't you think its so fun? Aside from the cool activities you can do here, the scenery is very nice and green so you can do picnics here with your family. I don't suggest going here during summer cause it can still get very hot even if there's a lot of trees here. 
We did a lot of fun and cute videos here, I cant wait till you guys see it! I've always wanted to do in the city shoots, but I don't have enough courage. But now, because of you guys and because of this series I cant wait to do more! :)
I want to look a bit more like someone who will go to a park in autumn to read a book, eat a sandwich and a cup of coffee, take pictures while still looking stylish. It my sort of idea on how I would dress up if ever I go visit New York and go to Central Park. I wore a yellow polo shirt from G200 with a Milanoo blazer. I accessorized it with an awesome interchangeable watch from Make Time Watches. Completed the look with a nice pair of sneakers, a big shoulder bag to hold my stuff and a comfortable chinos. A wonderful walk-in a park look.

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10 Short Sleeves Polo/Polo Shirt = COMPLETE

Always have fun! 

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