Home Run

August 02, 2014

Cap: Ney York Yankees Cap sold @ Iconic
Shirt: Iconic

This would probably one of my best days ever!

The title and this post is just the right time to announce that I, my dear friends is now an official ambassador of OOTDPHILIPPINES in Instagram! YEY! ootdphilippines features new Filipino fashion bloggers and fashion enthusiast who wants to showcase their style by simply hashtagging #ootdphilippines on your ootds via Instagram.

follow ootdphilippines: http://instagram.com/ootdphilippines

It started with a contest/game they announced a month ago:

Out of all the entries I was one of the few chosen

That was the end of Round 1. It felt a little bit like ANTM when Round 2 started (I only have 2 pictures in my hand, one of these photos represents the person who will go on in the competition to become ootdphilippines' new ambassador!)


I made it to Round 3 and this time it was three featured bloggers


Moment of truth... This time I was against 4 more fashion bloggers, male and female (yikes!)


With your awesome support and likes on ootdphilippines' Instagram... I am now hailed as ootdphilippines' new ambassador! Thank you all and of course ootdphilippines for this amazing opportunity, I would be able reach out to new readers and followers across the Philippines! <3


So in celebration of this super exiting news, I dedicate this blogpost to ootdphilippines!

Today I'm wearing a sporty baseball inspired outfit. This trend has been all around the web lately so I'd like to join the fun as well! I'm wearing a baseball shirt (Iconic), paired with a New York Yankees cap sold in any Iconic stores. Pair of skinny jeans and NB's. This look is literally a "Home Run!"

Crossing stuff on the List:

5 T-Shirts = 1 T-Shirt

Always have fun!

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