Love Abu Dhabi Lo's Closet 2nd Year Anniversary Series TEASER!

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Shirt: Zara
Shoes: Balance

Ladies, Gentlemen, my dearest friends, the thing I've wanted to announce since the start of this month is now revealed! Yes! I tried to hold it and I'm so happy that it is FINALLY out! :D

May I present to you, the Lo's Closet 2nd Year Anniversary Teaser!

This year, its all about the city where it all started. It will be a full month celebration entitled:  

The city where it all started

Wait! It doesn't stop there! Here's an awesome TEASER of the LOVE ABU DHABI series! ^_^

By the end of the series, I will post another video of my exciting adventure around Abu Dhabi! :D

Now don't get confused friends! This is just a teaser! lol! So that means it will get better and I have more stuff in my sleeves, literally! :D

For this look, I wanted to make it a bit casual yet romantic. We shot this look in Al Rheem Island facing the sea. Al Rheem Island was the area where I used to live. This is where I started to Lo's Closet so it's very fitting to shoot this look where it all began.

Isn't it beautiful?

I wore a nice polo shirt topped with a light colored blazer and chinos and wore New Balance sneakers. A great combination for a nice city walk-date look! -_^

I would like to thank these amazing brands for becoming a partner of the LOVE ABU DHABI series!

Thank Grace of zeroUV for sending me super awesome glasses! I cant wait to use these amazing items on my future posts!!!! <3

Get your own pairs! Visit their website!: 

10 Short Sleeves Polo/Polo Shirt = 1 Short Sleeves Polo/Polo Shirt

So save this date on you calendars: 06-09-2014

... and let us travel on the city where it all started! <3

Always have fun!

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