Lets Take a Shot

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Shirt: Zara
Jeans: Pull & Bear

Hey guys! Sorry again for  the late post, I wanted to organize my time to do a blogpost and balance my private life and bloglife. I'm happy to announce that from now on, I will post a new blogpost every SATURDAY!

Yes my good friends, from now on you won't have to wonder about when will upload an new post! I've decided that I needed an exact day to do my blog so me, and you my readers will have something to look forward to every week. :)

Just a quick info about the look. As you all know, its still Summer here in UAE. There will always be a nice playtime every afternoon, so I decided to put on something fun, go to our backyard and play a little. I'm wearing a nice tropical print shirt (Zara), FYI pineapple is one of my favorite fruits. For the bottom I completed this look with a pair of super skinny jeans (Pull & Bear). That in my hand my friends is a Instax Mini 8 as my companion to take nice pictures while I play.

As promised, I'll tell you everything that happened to me during my two weeks birthday celebration/vacation in Manila.

Oh wow, where do I start? Well I've decided to go home to Manila earlier than last year so I can celebrate my birthday with my good friends. However, I made it shorter to two weeks so I will be able to join any family trip that my Mom will organize this year (I miss out on a lot of family outings due to my very busy work/blog schedule). Unfortunately, we didn't leave the city cause I didn't have enough time to organize an out of town/country vacation with my friends but I made sure that I see all of them during those short two weeks which I did!

See you all again my beautiful and wonderful friends! ^_^
There were no days that I did not go out! lol! I lived like a rockstar partying all night and I even organized a house party. It's so nice that whenever I go home in Manila, we all get together and catch up. And although we are getting older, it feels like nothing changed since we graduated College.

My Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 wasn't only my playing companion, it was also my traveling companion! And yes, its yellow! I wanna say thank you to that special person who gave this awesome camera to me as a birthday gift! <3

I had fun taking these pictures during my vacation! I didn't want to use my DSLR cause its too big and its hard to carry it everyday. I'm worried that whenever I bring it, I might loose it or I might damage it (Plus I use my DSLR on my outfit shoots so I really didn't want to risk it). I don't really advice you to bring your DSLR if you're going on a vacation, especially if you'll go out a lot in the night. Unless you're a photographer, or you're willing to take pictures of your traveling companion/s who doesn't know how to use it (which sadly means less pictures for you), just take a nice digicam and you're good to go!

But me? I decided to bring an instant camera with a very fun color that suits my personality. I wanted pictures that feels more memorable, authentic and tangible. And it was fun using it and exchanging pictures with my friends. The feeling when you hear the film roll, pops out a blank photo and shake it until your image appears is so priceless it's incomparable to and doesn't even come close when you take a photo on your cellphone camera and upload it in FB.

So that's mostly everything that happened to me. I cant wait to see my friends again and maybe next time we'll go out of the country!

To all my friends, again I want to say thank you again, I miss you guys already, I love you and I'll see all next year! <3

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Always have fun!

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