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July 01, 2014

Shirt, Jacket and Shoes: Zara
Watch: TAG Heuer

Hey guys!!!! Sorry for the looooooooooong wait! I've so wanted to blog for the past two 20 days but unfortunately, I forgot my laptop charger when I went back home in Manila! I can say that it was one of my memorable vacations because it was also my 20-something (hahaha!) birthday last 28th of June.

But!... I wont be telling everything that happened to me during my vacation just yet! (Tune in for my next blogpost! ^_^)

As I said, I was not able to do a blog post during my vacation and the reason why I'm not going to post any story about my vacation yet is because this look was supposed to be released while I was in Manila.

This look was shot a week before I leave going to Manila. I'm wearing a sporty- casual look using neutral colors with a little touch of blues. Shirt, Jacket and Shoes are all from Zara. Finished the look with super skinny jeans and a Tag Heuer dress watch.

I've got lots of things to tell you guys! See you all on my next blogpost! -_^

Crossing stuff on The List:

5 T-Shirts = 2 T-Shirts
7 Shoes = COMPLETE!

Always have fun!

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  1. Saw your blog via your instagram via @ootdphilippines haha i like your blog, it's so unique and non-stereotypical.

    I started mine days ago. Please check it out! Thank you! Can't wait for more posts!


  2. Loving the sporty look you got here! I want that jacket!

    Just stumbled upon your blog and I'm loving your style... You have a new follower! Keep up the good work.

    xxxo from San Francisco,





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