June Celebrant! :D

June 08, 2014

Shirt & Sunglasses: Pull & Bear
Shorts: Zara

OMGH! June has finally arrived! I'm going to be a year older again! ^_^

My birthday is actually on June 28, but since I'm going on a two week vacation back in Manila (yes its short) just a few days from now, I might not have time to blog. I want to have a stress- free vacation since I'm only there for a short time, but I'm going to do a shoot there of course for my anniversary shoot.

June is not only my birthday... Its my two sisters' birthday month as well! The youngest would be June 06, and the other would be on June 26th! This week we celebrated our little Princess' birthday. And when I say celebrated, let say it turned out like this:

We had a HUGE birthday party for her, and she looked and acted just like a princess! When she waved like this I just died! She was so beautiful!

Isn't she adorable??? :D

This year, I wanted to make my birthday look as simple as possible since I'm not really a big b-day celebrant anymore like my little sister. lol! But I wanted to make it fun so I wore this nice tropical printed shirt (Pull & Bear) paired with shorts (Zara). Did this shoot in our backyard and made a huge mess, but it was fun! If only I could celebrate my birthday with friends back home in the Philippines and invite them here in UAE, it'll be a summer themed party with children party decorations and a lot of booze! hahaha!

Cant wait for my vacation next week! Whohoo!

Crossing stuff on The List:

10 Short Sleeves Polo/Polo Shirt = 6 Short Sleeves Polo/Polo Shirt
5 Shorts = 3 Shorts

Always have fun!

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  1. your backyard looks so quaint~! see you soon Lo!

  2. Hi Lo! oH I like your blog! Dammit. Sorry. Ang porma mo dre. And Happy Birthday! Same birth month tayo! :)


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