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Shirt and Trousers: Zara

I love mornings and afternoons! I've always been a day person, mornings for me is the make it or break it part of the day so I always make sure that I'm in a good mood after I wake up and think of happy things. I always believe that if you start your day happy, you end your day happy!

I also love afternoons too cause that's usually where I become more productive. I have a big imagination since I was a kid, and I remember that I used to imagine beautiful and magical adventures during the afternoon. Now that I'm an adult this time is usually dedicated to my creativity, hence this is the time where I do my outdoor shoots and style my future looks or do my illustrations. ^_^

Sorry for the very sloppy illustration, I was so distracted watching cat videos last night so it ended up this way. lol! When I finished I realized it wasn't really good but I don't have time to re-illustrate so I decided to just go with it...

Today, I'm wearing a nice afternoon outfit perfect for meetings with clients after work or a coffee date with your best friend. I'm wearing a nice light weight button down (I know! It's my third time to post a shirt like this but what can I do, I'm so obsessed with this fabric! Its so perfect for UAE's weather! shirt is from Zara) and paired with a light colored chinos (Zara). Finished it off with black loafers and my favorite satchel without the strap. 

Crossing stuff on The List:

5 Slacks/ Chinos = 1 Slacks/ Chinos

Always have fun!

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