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April 05, 2014

Sweater: Bershka

Oh Summer, you have arrived! :D

I used to despise Summer because I couldn't wear most of the things I'd wear during the cool seasons. But now, since I discovered Nautical fashion I became obsessed!

Sea, Sun and Sand. That's what's usually comes into my mind whenever its summer here in Abu Dhabi. If you tell someone who's never been in UAE something about the country, the first thing that person would probably think is either Dubai or Desert.

But UAE, especially Abu Dhabi has one of the nicest beach resorts in the Middle-East.

This is Monte Carlo in Saadiyat Island, and we always go there during Summer. Its a very nice beach club where the amenities are top class, the beach is very nice, the pool is amazing and the Grilled Chicken Sandwich w/ Carrot and Potato fries are so yummy!

I never really like carrots, but when I ate this, I couldn't stop eating them! :D

Now about the look, I'd say this would be a very nice after beach look or before sunset look. I got this sweater from Bershka and I knew immediately that I would do a summer look with it. I paired it with a white trousers, a fedora hat, loafers and a cool Ship's Wheel necklace I DIY-ed in 2012.

Oh btw, we moved in a new house! So that means new areas to take picture of (yey!). And what I like about this place is that we have our own beach (not sure if the water is clean though, but I get to use the area for location shoots). Also explains why I have been posting late since last week (sorry guys...) since I did a LOT of packing and unpacking, fixing this and that. On top of that I took a road test to get a Driver's License here in Abu Dhabi and I was able to pass it in one try (had a lot of stress preparing for it though, its terrible!).

Here's a picture of my new room! Well its not yet fully complete since I need to change a couple of things, we've replaced the bed and got rid of that ridiculous shelf for my shoes. (Will update the progress on my next post. ^_^)

Now get out there in the beach, get a nice tan, and have fun! :D

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Always have fun!

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  1. I even wore them to Outside Lands. What's a better test than a 3-day music festival, right? And yes, my feet survived and my favorite new sneaks passed the festival footwear test.


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