Out of the Blue

March 02, 2014

Hoodie: H&M
Shirt: Splash

This look is a product of a random outfit thought in my mind that I just had to do. I was just lying down in the middle of the afternoon one time and suddenly I thought something blue and then I realized I was already composing random outfits in my mind and I finally thought of this look.

I did layer quite a number of outfits before, but this would be the first time I whipped up something like this. I've always wondered how would I look wearing a hoodie and blazer together and I guess it look fun and youthful. I always pay attention on random thoughts cause that where I usually think of creative things (I heard a bottle of beer in the afternoon helps your brain to be more creative). I originally wanted to just wear a hoodie and shirt together but I had a blue blazer and I thought it will go perfect with it. I've never worn a hoodie in any of my previous looks before and I think its just about time I do it.

I remember before a friend told me "I don't really like people wearing hoodies... It's too hipster for me..." Well that sounds like a hipster line too right? Lol! Anyway, when I heard that I tried to stay away from them until I realized their as comfy and as functional like cardigans and it became my everyday look in replacement of cardigans in some days.

Wonder what other random outfits I would be able to think of when I'm doing something... :)

Crossing stuff on The List:
10 Long Sleeves Polo = 3 Long Sleeves Polo
5 Cardigans/Hoodies = 2 Cardigans/Hoodies
Always have fun!

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