What it Takes To Wear Pink

March 17, 2014

Cardigan: Jules
Shirt: Pull and Bar
Shoes: New Balance

This would be an example of my everyday outfit: shirt, cardigan, jeans and comfortable shoes. My ultimate "to-go" look.

Now I know you guys have seen me wearing preppy, dapper or street-style clothes, but what you guys don't know is that this is how I would normally look like almost everyday.

Well it depends on the weather really, but even if the sun rises up to 40ºC I don't mind wearing a cardigan (I would change the button down shirt to a T-shirt though). I remember when cardigans went back in fashion in 2007, I was obsessed with them. I still cant forget that time when I borrowed one from a friend to wear on a party and I was so drunk I found out it was ripped a day after the party! lol!

Now about the look, lately I am becoming more and more comfortable wearing pink. Its now a color that is necessary to be in my closet. People say it takes a lot of courage for men to wear Pink, but I guess the only trick is slowly work your way through it. Try other colors that are bright and fun and when you think you can pull it off, wear it and don't think what other people will say. Besides, its just a color right? When you wear something that not a lot of people would normally wear and when you make it work, that's what people will see, and in the end it will feel good and it will look good on you.

In this outfit, I topped it with a cardigan (Jules) which fits perfectly well with the shirt (Pull and Bear) and reflects a great color mix then I added a different color palette with the shoes (New Balance) to give the outfit a little bit of a light boost.

What other colors you think I haven't worn that you think would look good on me? Do share on the comments below! ^_^

Crossing more stuff on The List:

10 Long Sleeves Polo = 1 Long Sleeves Polo
5 Cardigans/Hoodies = 1 Cardigans/Hoodies
7 Shoes = 2 Shoes

Always have fun!

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  1. Super nice!
    Cool pics and outfit

  2. In pink we trust!!I love to wear pink clothes,but I do it only a few times or in special occasions!!Great combination!!You really did a good job with the photos!!



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